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Legal Statement

America Outdoors Association® members will utilize their knowledge and skill for the benefit of the public. Members will:

  • Run a professional and responsible operation;
  • Practice appropriate minimum impact camping techniques, and will cooperate with other outfitters and guides and agency personnel to continue to develop better methods of caring for the lands and waters upon which they outfit and guide;
  • Provide competent, well-trained staff and assistants;
  • Maintain adequate sanitary service facilities and serve clean, wholesome food (both services to be conditioned only by the primitiveness of the surroundings);
  • Protect the rights and opportunities of the outfitted public to access and enjoy America's wildlands through professional outfitting and guided services;
  • Cooperate with and respect the rights of private landowners;
  • Respect the role of public land managers and interact with them in a professional manner;
  • Respect the rights of self-guided users and their opportunity to have a quality outdoor recreation experience;
  • Adhere to the federal, state, and local laws and regulations, which govern their profession.

Industry Professionalism

America Outdoors Association® members will cooperatively strive to enhance the value of the outfitting and guiding profession. They will:

  • Support the mission and purpose of America Outdoors Association®;
  • Respect the rights of other outfitters and guides;
  • Respect the culture and local laws when operating in a foreign country;
  • Cooperate in extending training opportunities to other members through an interchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences;
  • Advertise only in an honest and dignified manner, setting forth a factual presentation of the services they are prepared to render for the public they serve;
  • Assure that stock are appropriately conditioned, and that stock, equipment and facilities are regularly maintained and responsibly used and operated;
  • Assure the health, well being and humane treatment of any animals used in their operations.


America Outdoors Association® members will support the conservation and responsible, shared use of America's wildlands and natural resources. They will practice appropriate minimum impact camping techniques, and will cooperate with other outfitters and guides and agency personnel to continue to develop better methods of caring for the lands and waters upon which they outfit and guide.

Sustainable Recreation Policy

We support continuation of our national legacy of quality outdoor experiences on America's lands and waters in a manner that sustains the long-term ecological integrity of natural resources and the economic well being of communities. Outdoor recreation activities should be conducted in a way that

  • Maintains clean air and water,
  • Promotes abundant wildlife, productive soils, biological diversity, outdoor products and services, employment opportunities, naturalness, beauty, inspiration, wonder and continuing refreshment of the human spirit

Our vision is one of sustainable recreation managed to meet our nation's needs without sacrificing the birthright of future generations. We desire to contribute to the fulfillment of the purposes for which the natural areas where we work were designated.

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Monday May 13, 2013
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Tuesday Apr 16, 2013
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Friday Mar 08, 2013
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Thursday Nov 01, 2012
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Monday Sep 24, 2012
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Friday Aug 03, 2012
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Tuesday Jun 19, 2012
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Wednesday Apr 25, 2012
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Monday Apr 16, 2012
- Outcomes from the President's Conference on Conservation and America Great Outdoors (AGO) Initiative
Monday Feb 27, 2012
- Supreme Court Decides Against State's Ownership of Non Navigable Riverbeds
Thursday May 05, 2011
- Senate Transportation Committee Approves Motorcoach Bill
Friday Feb 18, 2011
- President Obama's America's Great Outdoors Report Released
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  "Before joining AOA I was overwhelmed and isolated while dealing with seemingly endless forest service and park service permitting issues. America Outdoors has been instrumental in helping my company work through numerous permitting problems and the connections and friendships I have made at Confluence have helped me grow my business."
Mike Cottingham, Wilderness Ventures, WY
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