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2017 Closing Keynote, Lonnie Bedwell
A First Time AOA Conference Attendee's Blog
America Outdoors Association Privacy Policy
Analysis of Draft FLREA Modernization Act 2015
AOA 2017 Conference Information
AOA 2018 Conference Agenda
AOA Conference Highlights
AOA Marketing & Management Conference Programs
AOA Trade Show Exhibitors 2017
Approval of Budget Deal Averts Shutdown Extends FLREA to 2016
Coast Guard Authorization Bill 2010
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Electronic Bulletins

New Passport Rules Go Into Effect on June 1st, 2009 Forest Service Temp Use to Priority Use Instructions
Forest Service Special Uses Handbook revised Forest Service Permitting Directives
Federal Register Notice, Vol. 73, No. 181 Canadian Custodial Management Directive
Custodial Permit Application Overtime Updates
Final FS Cost Recovery Rule Commercial Use Authorizations - Interim Guidelines
FR Recreation Fee Areas Interagency Guidelines Categorical Exclusions - Final
Forest Service 1909.15-2004-3 Overtime Pay Exemptions
15 Passenger Van Summary, CDL's Permits for Recreation on Public Lands
Forest Service Trails Classifications Can-Spam Advisory
National Park Service Concessions Provisions to Help Small Business in The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Industry Expense Averages Important State Liability Statutes and Rulings (July 2009)
Heads Up on Business Issues for 2013! Industry Benchmarking Study Report for 2011
Updates from AOA 15-Passenger Van and Bus Regulations Summary
Volume 9 Number 27 How AOA Serves All Segments of the Outfitting Industry
Volume 8 Number 55 Volume 8 Number 56
Drug Testing in The Workplace AO E-Bulletin Vol 5 Num 9
AO E-Bulletin Vol 6 Num 1 AO E-Bulletin Vol 5 Num 12
Volume 6 Number 5 Volume 6 Number 7
Volume 6 Number 6 Volume 6 Number 10
Volume 6 Number 9 Volume 6 Number 8
Volume 6 Number 11 Volume 6 Number 14
Volume 6 Number 13 Volume 6 Number 12
Volume 6 Number 16 Volume 6 Number 15
15 Passenger Vans Towing Trailers Volume 6 Number 19
Volume 6 Number 18 Volume 6 Number 17
Volume 6 Number 21 Volume 6 Number 20
Volume 6 Number 22 Volume 6 Number 23
Volume 6 Number 24 Volume 6 Number 25
Volume 6 Number 26 Volume 8 Number 51
Volume 7 Number 2 Volume 7 Number 1
Volume 7 Number 3 Volume 7 Number 4
Volume 7 Number 5 Volume 7 Number 6
Volume 7 Number 8 Volume 7 Number 7
Volume 7 Number 9 Volume 7 Number 10
Volume 7 Number 11 Volume 7 Number 12
Volume 7 Number 13 Volume 7 Number 15
Volume 7 Number 14 Volume 7 Number 16
Volume 7 Number 17 Volume 7 Number 18
Volume 7 Number 19 Volume 7 Number 20
Volume 7 Number 22 Volume 7 Number 21
Volume 7 Number 23 Volume 7 Number 24
Volume 7 Number 25 Volume 7 Number 26
Volume 7 Number 27 Volume 7 Number 28
Volume 7 Number 29 Volume 7 Number 30
Volume 7 Number 31 Volume 7 Number 33
Volume 7 Number 32 Volume 7 Number 34
Volume 7 Number 35 Volume 7 Number 36
Volume 7 Number 37 Volume 8 Number 1
Volume 8 Number 2 Volume 8 Number 3
Volume 8 Number 4 Volume 8 Number 5 - Media Inquiry
Volume 8 Number 6 Volume 8 Number 7
Volume 8 Number 8 Volume 8 Number 9
Volume 8 Number 10 Volume 8 Number 11
Volume 8 Number 12 Volume 8 Number 13
Volume 8 Number 14 Volume 8 Number 15
Volume 8 Number 16 Volume 8 Number 19
Volume 8 Number 17 Volume 8 Number 20
Volume 8 Number 21 Volume 8 Number 22
Volume 8 Number 23 Volume 8 Number 24
Volume 8 Number 25 Volume 8 Number 26
Volume 8 Number 30 Volume 8 Number 31
Volume 8 Number 32 Volume 8 Number 33
Volume 8 Number 34 Volume 8 Number 38
Volume 8 Number 39 Volume 8 Number 40
Volume 8 Number 41 Volume 8 Number 42
Volume 8 Number 43 Volume 8 Number 44
Volume 8 Number 46 Volume 8 Number 48
Volume 8 Number 49 Volume 8 Number 50
AOA By-Laws Strategic Planning Summary
Testimony at Congressional Hearings Statement for the Subcommittee Forests and Forest Health
Testimony on Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act reauthorization TN Court of Appeals Ruling on Ocoee Tax
Comments on Forest Service Directives Federal Register Notice Extension of Comment Period
Interior Board of Land Appeals Decision on Fees Federal Register: October 19, 2007
Appropriations Decisions: B-307319, National Park Service--Special Park Use Fees Executive Order on Federal Regulatory Planning
What financial and personal information is releasable under a FOIA request? NPS Concession Environmental Audit Questionnaire
How to appeal a Forest Service permit-related decision 15 Passenger Van Advisory
Common Pool Lawsuit States and Counties Lose Authority to Charge Fees on Navigable Rivers
Volume 8 Number 107 Industry Expense Averages
Contract Labor or Employee? Volume 9 Number 4
Avoiding Career Traps by Harry Chambers Volume 8 Number 65
Volume 8 Number 57 Volume 8 Number 54
Volume 8 Number 98 Volume 8 Number 47
Omnibus Lands Bill 2009 AOA Statement on Stimulus Bill 2009
Letter to Senator Snowe Letter to Congressman Rahall
AO's Statement on HR 3094 AO's Statement on HR 3058
Volume 8 Number 58 House Committee on Natural Resources
HR 3094 NPS Centennial Legislative Language HR 3058
National Landscape Conservation System Act NPS Concessions Reform Act of 2007
Legislative Alert H.R. 5802 NPS Concessions Revisions
Fee Bill 2005 Enrolled Outfitter Policy Act Testimony
Can Spam Act S.877 Outfitter and Guide Policy Act
S. 1107 Recreational Fee Authority S. 717 Passenger Van Safety Act
New Employment Law Benefit Available for 2009 Legal Brief on Use of Background Checks
Background check certification Overtime Updates - Final Rule
Proposed Alaska Flat Fee Policy America Outdoors' Comments to Forest Service
Sample comments Extension of Comment Notice to Forest Service Directives
Proposed Handbook Changes 2709 Federal Register Notice FS Permitting Policy
Comments on Proposed Policy Notice of Proposed Policy; Federal Register Notice
Forest Service Cost Recovery BLM Fines
Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permits Amendments to the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule
Forest Service Road Permit Rule NPS - Commercial Use Authorization
Study on Declining Nature-Based Recreation Campaign Driven Advertising
Developing a 2008 Strategic Markeing Plan Integrating Direct Sales into Your Strategic Marketing Plan
15 Quick Tips for Successful Media Interviews Commerical Use Data 1990 - 2006
Resolving Barriers for Participation in Outfitted Trips 3 Ways to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge in Advance of the Summer Season
Emergency Action Planning Organizational Checklist for Managing Emergencies
Post Critical Incident Response Interpreting the ADA for Outdoor Programs
Smoky Mountain Host Highway 19 Corridor Study A Guide to AM Best's Ratings of Insurance Carriers
Risk Management Planning Workbook 15-Passenger Van and Bus Regulations Summary
Volume 9 Number 2 Reasons to Warn of the Effects of Cold Water Immersion
Injuries Associated With Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking Volume 9 Number 3
Risk Management Manual Emergency Action Plan
Witness Statement Safety and Risk Management Resources
Incident Report Form - A Template for Press Release
Incident Report Form -B External Notification Form
Crisis Contact Form with ICS Certification Form
Creating a Crisis Management Plan Legal Issues in hiring and the use of background checks.
Background Check Disclosure Authorization Form Congress Passes the ADA Amendments Act of 2008
Montana Recreation Liability Statute Liability In Rental Operations
The Basics of A Drug-Free Workplace Volume 8 Number 52
Volume 8 Number 53 Volume 8 Number 59
Volume 8 Number 60 Volume 8 Number 61
Volume 8 Number 62 Volume 8 Number 63
Volume 8 Number 64 Tennessee White Water Rafting Responsibility Act
Tennessee Exculpatory Agreement Upheld Recent Tax Court Case on Passive Activity of LLC or LLP Owner
Volume 8 Number 66 Volume 8 Number 67
Volume 8 Number 69 Volume 8 Number 70
Volume 8 Number 71 Volume 8 Number 72
New Member Benefit
Volume 9 Number 18 Volume 9 Number 19
Volume 9 Number 20 Volume 9 Number 21
Volume 8 Number 73 Volume 8 Number 74
Volume 8 Number 75 Volume 8 Number 79
Volume 9 Number 17, CDL's for 15 Passenger Van Drivers Economic Study of the New River Gorge
Visitor spending in national parks means green to local economies Montana Outfitter Economic Study
Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act, March 9, 2009 Volume 8 Number 76
New Rules on Compensation if You Are Bumped from an Overbooked Flight New FTC Regs on Testimonials and Blogging
Volume 8 Number 77 Volume 8 Number 78
Volume 8 Number 80 Model letter to Congress regarding H.R. 1396.
Press Release Template for Injury Model letter to Senate regarding S. 554.
Volume 8 Number 81 Marjorie Segale Insurance Reference Handout
Volume 8 Number 82 Volume 8 Number 84
Volume 8 Number 85 Volume 8 Number 83
Volume 8 Number 86 Volume 8 Number 87
Proposed NPS Director Order on Cooperative Associations Volume 8 Number 88
Notice of Intent to Write New Forest Planning Rules Volume 8 Number 89
Volume 8 Number 90 Volume 8 Number 91
Volume 8 Number 92 Volume 8 Number 93
AOA's FS Planning Rule Comments. Volume 8 Number 94
Volume 8 Number 95 Volume 8 Number 96
Volume 8 Number 97 Volume 8 Number 99
Volume 8 Number 100 Volume 8 Number 101
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Health Care Reform Implementation Timeline
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Volume 8 Number 103
Volume 8 Number 102 Volume 8 Number 104
Volume 8 Number 105 Volume 8 Number 106, CDL Legislation
Volume 8 Number 108 Volume 8 Number 109
Volume 8 Number 110 Volume 8 Number 111
Business Library Discounts on Mystery Shopping
Volume 8 Number 112 The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010
Mystery Shopping Discounts for AOA Members Volume 8 Number 114
Volume 8 Number 113 Forest Service Recreation Impacts and Demographics 2009
Volume 8 Number 115 Volume 8 Number 116
Volume 8 Number 117 Volume 8 Number 118
Volume 8 Number 119 Volume 8 Number 120
Volume 8 Number 121 Volume 8 Number 122
Volume 8 Number 123 Volume 8 Number 124
Volume 8 Number 125 Volume 8 Number 126
Volume 8 Number 127 Volume 8 Number 128
Volume 8 Number 129 Volume 8 Number 130
Volume 8 Number 131 Volume 8 Number 132
Volume 8 Number 133 Volume 8 Number 134
Developing a Social Media Strategy Five Vital Qualities of Leadership
New Marketing Tools Volume 9 Number 1
America Outdoors Association Launches eLearning Program Volume 9 Number 5
Volume 9 Number 6 Volume 9 Number 7
Volume 9 Number 8 Volume 9 Number 9
Volume 9 Number 10 Volume 9 Number 11
Volume 9 Number 12, CDL Legislation Volume 9 Number 13
Volume 9 Number 14, CDL's for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans Volume 9 Number 16
Forest Plan Comment Template Volume 9 Number 22
Volume 9 Number 23 When a CDL is Required
Volume 9 Number 24 Volume 9 Number 25
AOA Comments RE Forest Service Planning Rule Insurance Requirements for Outfitter Concessions Contracts and Commercial Use Authorizations
Volume 9 Number 30 Volume 9 Number 28
Volume 9 Number 31 Volume 9 Number 32
Volume 9 Number 33 Volume 9 Number 35
Volume 9 Number 36 Volume 9 Number 37
Volume 9 Number 38 Volume 9 Number 39
Volume 9 Number 40 Volume 9 Number 41
Volume 9 Number 42 Volume 9 Number 43
Conference Keynote - Joseph Michelli Joseph Michelli Workshop
Critical Incident Response Determining the Feasibility of a New Product
Volume 9 Number 44 AOA Whitepaper on NPS Liability Insurance Limits
AOA Comments to Forest Service Modification of Appeals Rule. Volume 9 Number 47
Volume 9 Number 45 Volume 9 Number 46
Volume 9 Number 48 Volume 9 Number 49
Payment Processing Strategies and PCI Compliance Buying and Selling an Outdoor Recreation Business
Increasing Sales Through Generational Marketing Developing a Social Media Strategy
New Marketing Tools Determining the Feasibility of a New Product
Critical Incident Response Volume 9 Number 51 AOA Conference Wrap Up
Hydro Licenses NOLS Van Training Protocols 2012
Volume 10 Number 2 Forest Service Planning Rule Recreation Trails Alert
9 to 15 Passenger Van CDL Requirement Surface Transportation Amendment 2012
Supreme Court Decides Against State's Ownership of Non Navigable Riverbeds Update on Background Checks
CDL Update, National Forest Fee Legislation Legislative Updates - H.R. 4019
Federal Motor Carrier Authorization Satellite Phones, Google, NPS Wilderness News
9 to 15 Passenger Van Regulations Summary 15 Passenger Van Safety Report
Satellite Phone Solutions New Development on CDL Requirement
Model Letter on Van Legislation Google Analytics Adds Social Reports / H.R. 1505 Update
Revenue and Expense Study Revenue and Expense Ratio Study for AOA Members
Bill to Allow Horsepacking and Other Commerical Activities to Continue In Sierra Wilderness Passes Congress Revenue Management and Legislative Updates
House-Passed Omnibus Lands Bill Has Little Chance to Pass in the Senate Updates on Highway Bill
Using Pinterest in Travel Marketing EMV Chip Technology to Process Credit Card Payments Coming Soon
SEO Guide: The Simple Art & Science of SEO Copywriting SEM on Autopilot: 9 Dangers of Unmanaged Paid Search Campaigns
Congressional Testimony of David Brown before House National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee Testimony of Mike Mills before House National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee
Testimony of Rick Lindsey before House National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee Testimony of Nat Patridge before House National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee
Victory on Van CDL Language in Transportation Bill Bipartisan Hydropower Bill Sails Through the House of Representatives
Sign Up Form Industry Benchmarking Survey Form Completed
New Member Benefit Industry Survey Results - Hantavirus Update
Recreational Vessel Capacity Legislation, NPS Health Foods and More AOA Member Benefits Summary
Election of Officers to be held at AOA Annual Conference Roadless Rule Updates / AOA Launches Online Forum
Seasonal Workers and Health Care Law, Outfitter Shutdown, NPS Healthy Foods Comments Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Bylaws Change and Election of AOA Officers & Board Nominations Open for Industry Awards
Conference Updates AOA Looking at Legal, Administrative and Political Solutions to FMCSA Regulations
Coaching Employees and the Effective Use of Discipline Effective Leadership during Changing Times
Selling to EcoTourists Learn How to Use Pinterest for Huge Tourism Traffic
Real Strategies for Health Care Reform Canyonlands National Monument
Patrick O'Malley Presentations from AOA Conference NPS May Be Moderating Liability and Risk Management Requirements
Marketing That Reaches All Ages and Generations Marketing That Reaches All Ages and Generations Part 2
Sequestration Likely Unavoidable. Federal Agencies Plan to Curb Access. Sequestration News / Visa/MasterCard Settlement
Forest Service Planning / Background Check Information Web Strategies to Help You Beat the Competition
Advanced SEO and Google Analytics Important Updates from AOA
Updates from America Outdoors Association Forest Service Issues Clarification about When Background Checks Are Required
Federal Lands and Health Care Updates Get Risk Management Ready for the Upcoming Season
Legislation Proposes Taxing Online Sales AOA Members Testify at Hearing / Benchmarking Study
Health Care Compliance Employer Shared Responsibility Payment
A New Era in Healthcare Implementing the Affordable Care Act: Navigating the Changes
Implementing the Affordable Care Act Safety Regulations Vans and Small Passenger CMVs
River Round Up Employer-Shared Healthcare Compliance for the Outfitting Industry
Important Updates on Healthcare and FLREA John Jantsch to Keynote AOA Conference in Albuquerque
FLREA Reauthorization NEW NPS Insurance Regulations
BLM Renews Agreement with Disabled Sports USA to Provide Trips in the Southwest to Disabled Vets Some Small Company Health Reform Obligations Take Effect October 1st
Insurers letter on NPS Insurance Requirements Paddling Standards Alert
Important Updates from AOA Google / Ocoee Rock Slide / Group Health Insurance / AOA Conference
New Member Benefit AOA to Host Workshop on Reauthorization of the Authority for Outfitter and Guide Permitting in National Forests and on BLM Lands
AOA Conference Agenda - Annual Season Outcome Survey - Industry Benchmarking Project Survey Update
One Year Extension of FLREA Rebecca Murtagh Google+
New Rules Require Updating Your FMCSA Registration Save 5% to 10% on Liability Insurance Premiums with Your AOA Membership
Revenue and Expense Ratio Study Released Overtime Law Updates
AOA Member Benefits Get AOA Conference Schedule on Your Smart Phone
Issues Update Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act
The Big Issues for 2014 FMCSA Registration
Clarification of 9 to 15 Passenger Van Regulations NPS Announces Cancellation of Dinosaur Solicitation
Forest Service Fee Handbook Rebecca Murtagh Future of Digital Commerce
Incident Response The Marketing Hourglass - John Jantsch
How Community Forms - John Jantsch Paddling Standards
Shannon Bell: for CEOs Shannon Bell: Hiring Issues
10 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover Interstate 9 to 15 Passenger Vehicles, Federal Requirement Overview
Final Rule: Patterns of Safety Violations by Motor Carrier Management Understanding FMCSA Commerical Zones
On-Water Paddling Standards Motor Carrier Authorization Exemptions
National System of Standards for Recreation Boat Operation On-Water Paddling Standards
On-Water Paddling Standards Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors Will Probably Apply to NPS Concessions Contracts
Hearing on Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act Scheduled for March 4th Cost Recovery, Google SEO Videos, Employee Screening
Background Checks - What Employers Need to Know Final Rule on Bicycle Use in National Parks
Feds Issue Guidelines on Background Checks Hearing on Recreation Fee Bill
BLM Final Cost Recovery Rule Bureau of Land Management National Landscape Conservation System Management Manual final 2012
BLM Manual Governing Management of National Monuments, NCA's etc. Liability in Paddlesports Rentals
5 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover, by Dave Davies How to Participate in Forest Service Plans
Canadian Can Spam Act Undocumented Deductions

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