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January 23, 2017AOA University Training Video Library - Members Only - Member Only

AOA University is an educational resource for tools that you can implement immediately. Our face-to-face videos deliver first-hand knowledge from experienced AOA members who use these methods and tactics to run successful outdoor adventure businesses.

 These fifteen videos were developed and facilitated by subject matter experts and thought leaders from the field, our videos are designed to model best practices, promote engagement, and encourage practical application into the various aspects of running a successful business. 

 We encourage you to watch and learn from AOA’s best-of-the-best. We also suggest that you share these training videos with your management team, reservation team, and anyone in your company who wants to learn and grow professionally.

December 20, 2016Frontline Staff Training Videos Featuring Successful AOA Members

AOA has a great library of marketing and sales training videos with tips provided by successful AOA members!  In this video learn tips on how to be a great at group sales person; sorting out the caller's goals and expectations.

February 18, 201610 Free, Detailed Reports to Help You Manage and Grow Your Business - Member Only

10 detailed free business reports are available to AOA members in the Business Library in Member Resources.  Those reports include:

July 21, 2015The new SEO rules: how to create quality and naturally SEO-friendly content

The key to a well-ranking website isn’t making nifty technical adjustments as perhaps once thought, but creating “the best possible experience for your audience with original and high quality content”.

June 09, 2015Groupon: Overhyped and Little Understood - Member Only

By Julia Barrero, 

Everything that everyone has told you about Groupon is wrong. Its name immediately connotes “cheap,” and we often judge those who use it as “failing businesses.”  Find out more.

April 17, 2015Google Demands Mobile-Friendly Websites for Mobile Search

Google announced its mobile search algorithm will change to prioritize mobile-friendly sites over non-mobile friendly sites, effective April 21, 2015.  Will your site pass?

December 04, 2014Roger Brooks, Tourism in 21st Century / AOA Conference - Member Only

Hello AOA Attendees,
Thanks for attending my presentations at the American Outdoors Conference! As promised, you now have access to my handouts.

- Tourism for the 21st Century
- The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing

July 23, 2014Mobile Has Forever Changed How Customers Will Find Your Business, Rebecca Murtagh - Member Only

How serious are you about growing a sustainable, profitable business? This question may easily be answered by how mobile-friendly your website is.
Mobile Activity Exceeds PC Usage For First Time in History
Search is the top online behavior of those seeking to make a purchase. As I outline in detail in my book Million Dollar Websites, there are multiple decisions that must go into the creation of a website long before ‘design’ is discussed.  How well your business competes in search and is to those on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) is one of those extremely important decisions that too often become after-thoughts.

June 04, 20145 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover, by Dave Davies

Can you tell if your website needs a makeover?  Dave Davies is an SEO expert and the owner and CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization, Inc. Mr. Davies was a presenter at the 2013 America Outdoors Association meeting in Albuquerque, NM.

April 29, 20143 Ways to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge in Advance of the Summer Season

Want to win more business from competitors this year?  By Rebecca Murtagh

December 11, 2013The Marketing Hourglass - John Jantsch - Member Only

The Marketing Hourglass, presented by John Jantsch at the AOA 2013 conference in Albuquerque, NM.

December 04, 2012Advanced SEO and Google Analytics - Member Only

Advanced SEO and Google Analytics to Achieve and Measure Better Results

June 26, 2012Using Pinterest in Travel Marketing - Member Only

When it comes to social media, it seems like there is a new “hot thing” every week. One of the newest, hottest things in social media is Pinterest. With its visually dynamic structure, it is quickly becoming a staple in some business marketing strategies, especially those where pictures are a big part of marketing.

June 26, 2012SEO Guide: The Simple Art & Science of SEO Copywriting - Member Only

The simple purpose of this SEO Guide is to understand how to effectively manipulate META info and on page content to improve website traffic via natural search and to better serve your visitors with highly relative quality content. Topics included: META titles, META Descriptions, META Keywords, Keyword Research & Google Adwords: Keyword Tool.

May 04, 2012Google Analytics Adds Social Reports / H.R. 1505 Update - Member Only

Google Analytics Adds Social Reports / H.R. 1505 Proposes to Waive over 30 Laws to Facilitate DHS Access and Surveillance in Border Forests and National Parks / Knowledge You Can Acquire in Daytona at the Marketing and Management Conference, December 4 to 6

April 30, 2012SEM on Autopilot: 9 Dangers of Unmanaged Paid Search Campaigns - Member Only

If there is one thing true about SEM, it moves at light speed. There are continuous updates rolling out across both AdWords and adCenter, campaign performance constantly changes, the competition is fierce, and success can turn to failure in the blink of an eye. Given what I just explained, it pains me to see companies spend the time to set up SEM campaigns, but not spend the time to continually manage them. Unfortunately, some companies put their SEM campaigns on autopilot hoping that their current performance will remain the same over time. As you can guess, that doesn't happen often. By Glenn Gabe

April 18, 2012America Outdoors Association Launches eLearning Program - Member Only

We are excited to partner with eLearningU to provide ongoing education through live and recorded one hour training programs. Every week you can attend an online course which includes opportunities at the end of the training program for you to ask questions. All courses are delivered live are recorded and will be available through the eLearningU web site for you to take anytime, anywhere, so if you need a course on how the search engines work for tomorrow's meeting with your web developer, you can take a 1 hour course from home or the office.

December 22, 2011Joseph Michelli Workshop - Member Only

Grow Demand with a Plan to Convert Customers to Evangelists for Your Company, presented by Joseph Michelli, Tuesday December 6, 2011 at the America Outdoors Association Marketing and Management Conference in Reno, NV.

December 30, 2010Developing a Social Media Strategy - Member Only

Developing a Social Media Strategy, presented by Ron Jones at the 2010 America Outdoors Association Marketing and Management Conference in Salt Lake City.

December 30, 2010New Marketing Tools - Member Only

SEO, Mobile, Local, Video Internet Marketing Tools for 2010, presented by Ron Jones at the America Outdoors Association Marketing and Management Conference in Salt Lake City.

June 08, 2010Mystery Shopping Discounts for AOA Members - Member Only

Just what is happening when the phone is answered at your business? There is an identifiable return on investment with mystery shopping. Consider your average sale value. If you are able to convert one more sale per day by helping your frontline staff focus on these skills, your return would be most impressive.

December 31, 2009Marketing Plan Template - Member Only

This marketing plan template is designed to help companies develop marketing goals and strategies.

February 28, 2008Study on Declining Nature-Based Recreation - Member Only

A new report published by the University of Illinois. Evidence for a fundamental and pervasive shift away from naturebased recreation.

December 12, 2007 Campaign Driven Advertising - Member Only

Understand the difference between a series of ads and an advertising campaign.

December 12, 2007Developing a 2008 Strategic Marketing Plan - Member Only

Understand what a Strategic Marketing Plan is and how it can help you. Presented by Julie Thorner of WillowWorks at AOA's 2008 Marketing and Management Conference.

December 12, 2007 Integrating Direct Sales into Your Strategic Marketing Plan - Member Only

Presented by Julie Thorner of WillowWorks at AOA's 2007 Marketing and Management Conference.

August 20, 2007 15 Quick Tips for Successful Media Interviews - Member Only

15 Quick Tips for Successful Media Interviews

April 19, 2007 Commerical Use Data 1990 - 2006 - Member Only

River Use Study: Whitewater Rafting Data 1990-2006

December 01, 2001 Resolving Barriers for Participation in Outfitted Trips - Member Only

This study by Duarte Morales of Penn State University focused on two populations. First, individuals who did not participate in rafting, canoeing, or horseback riding were asked about the reasons that kept them from participating. Second, individuals who had participated in the activities were asked how they gathered information about the activity, what motivated them to participate, what their role was in planning the activity, and with whom they had gone on the trip. Using a self-administered mail survey, data were collected from a total of 590 individuals from 14 different states during the months of September and October 2001.


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