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May 25, 2018Outfitters Exempted from Higher Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

Section 1.  Policy.  Executive Order 13658 of February 12, 2014 (Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors), established a minimum wage to be paid by parties who contract with the Federal Government and applies to outfitters and guides operating on Federal lands.  These individuals often conduct multiday recreational tours through Federal lands, and may be required to work substantial overtime hours.  The implementation of Executive Order 13658 threatens to raise significantly the cost of guided hikes and tours on Federal lands, preventing many visitors from enjoying the great beauty of America’s outdoors.

March 07, 2018Webinar Reveals Wage and Hour Requirements and Cost Control Strategies - Member Only

David Gevertz, the human resource expert at Baker Donelson, provides outfitters with key points to consider when determining the higher minimum wage and overtime requirements in E.O. 13658.  For example, even if the compliance clause is not in new permits issued after January 2015, the requirements are still applicable unless Congress passes legislation to invalidate the requirement.  AOA is pushing for a provision in the FY2018 Appropriations bill, which will prohibit enforcement of E.O. 13658.  Among other important points, the webinar covers sleep-time, meal credits, and documentation requirements.   

February 23, 2018Letter to President from Members of Congress

Members of Congress sign letter to President Trump asking him to rescind E.O. 13658 application to the outfitting industry.  

November 01, 2017H.R. 2771 - Member Only

The seasonal recreational establishment exemption for outfitters operating under federal permit and for those with traveling camps is restored by H.R. 2771.

October 15, 2016Summary of Mandatory Sick Pay Rule for Federal Contractors - Member Only

Summary of the mandatory sick pay rule for the employees of federal contractors.

March 31, 2016Comments to Proposed Rule Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Employees of Federal Contractors - Member Only

The proposed Department of Labor rule requires federal contractors, including those providing seasonal recreational services in National Parks, National Forests and on the other public lands, to provide up to 56 hours or 7 days of paid sick leave per year, which accrues at the rate of one hour earned for every 30 hours worked.  America Outdoors Association comments focus on the complications with providing such a benefit to part-time seasonal workers.

March 29, 2016Letter to Department of Interior on Provision Defunding Implementation of E.O. 13658

Letter to Mike Connor Department of Interior from members of Congress expressing intent of Congress for Interior abatement of effort to attach higher minimum wage clause in federal contracts and permits.

February 29, 2016Sick Pay Rule for Federal Permit Holders and Contractors

This proposed deparment of labor rule was issued February 26, 2016 and proposes to require up to 56 hours of sick pay annually for employees of federal permit holders.

December 21, 2015Omnibus Appropriations Bill 2016

Bill contains appropriations for federal agencies for FY 2016 and defunds implementation of E.O. 13658 for outfitters and recreation service providers under federal permit.  Signed into law by President Obama on December 18, 2015.

August 27, 2015Comments to Department of Labor Rule Expanding Overtime to Previously Exempt Employees

Executive Director David Brown submits comments recommending the US Department of Labor revise the proposed rule to factor in cost of living variations around the nation.

July 16, 2015Proposed Overtime Rule - Member Only

DOL Guidance Proposed Rule on Expansion of Overtime

July 16, 2015Labor Issues New Guidance on Misclassification of Employees as Contractors

In a July 15, 2015 Administrator’s Interpretation, the U.S. Department of Labor issued guidance to counter a trend “in a increasing number of workplaces” in which employers misclassify workers as contractors.  DOL says, “When employers improperly classify employees as independent contractors, the employees may not receive important workplace protections such as the minimum wage, overtime compensation, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation.”

For more information on current DOL issues such as the expansion of overtime and the minimum wage increase for federal permits, log on to America Outdoors Association Member Resources.

July 15, 2015Department of Labor Rule Expanding Overtime Expected to Go into Effect Early 2016 - Member Only

Department of Labor Rule Expanding Overtime Expected to Be In Place by 2016 / House Version of the Defense Authorization Act Includes a 10-Year Prohibition on Greater Sage Grouse Listing as Endangered / Write Congress in Support of H.R. 2215 Using the Easy Widget at

July 10, 2015Testimony on The Impact of Executive Order 13658 on Public Land Guides and Outfitters - Member Only

David L. Brown of America Outdoors Association Testimony on The Impact of Executive Order 13658 on Public Land Guides and Outfitters before Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on the Interior, United State House of Representatives Jun 10, 2015

January 21, 20152015 Federal Wage and Hour Guidelines for Employers - Member Only

2015 Federal Wage and Hour Guidelines for Employers prepared for America Outdoors Association.

October 01, 2014Final Rule Department of Labor Minimum Wage For Federal Permits

On October 1, 2014 the Department of Labor issued its final rule raising the minimum wage for businesses operating under NEW federal contracts, permits, commercial use authorizations, and similar authorizations.  The increase in the minimum wage and the requirements of federal contractors and permit holders take effect January 1, 2015 for permits and contracts solicited and issued on or after that date.

August 08, 2014Minimum Wage and Overtime Violations
July 25, 2014Letter from SBA Office of Advocacy Regarding Minimum Wage

Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

July 25, 2014Final Comments of DOL Minimum Wage

AOA's comments to Mary Ziegler, Director, Division of Regulations, Legislation, and Interpretation, Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor

April 23, 2004Overtime Pay Exemptions 2004 - Member Only

This fact sheet provides general information on the exemption from minimum wage and overtime pay provided by Section 13(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act as defined by Regulations, 29 CFR Part 541.

April 23, 2004 Overtime Updates - Final Rule - Member Only

Defining and Delimiting the Exemptions for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Outside Sales and Computer Employees; Final Rule


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