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February 27, 2013

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Forest Service Issues Proposed Directives on Development of Forest Land Management Plans

Need Help with Background Checks - You Might Want to Check Out This Website

Forest Service Issues Proposed Directives on Development of Forest Land Management Plans

The Forest Service has just released proposed National Forest System (NFS) land management planning regulation. Issuance of these proposed directives will provide consistent overall guidance to Forest Service Line Officers and Agency employees in developing, amending, or revising land management plans for units of the NFS. Public comment is invited and will be considered in developing the final National Forest planning directives.

DATES: Comments must be received in writing by April 29, 2013.

ADDRESSES: Submit comments concerning the proposed directives through one of the following methods:
1.  Public participation portal: Comments may also be provided through the Federal rulemaking portal:
2. Facsimile: Fax to: 503.224.1851. Please identify your comments by including ``RIN 0596-AD06’’ or ``planning directives’’ on the cover sheet or the first page.
3. U.S. Postal Service: The mailing address is: USDA Forest Service Planning Directives Comments, P.O. Box 40088, Portland, OR 97240.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Annie Eberhart Goode, Planning Specialist, Ecosystem Management Coordination Staff, 202-205-1056 or 703-605-4478.

Need Help with Background Checks.  You Might Want to Check Out This Website.

AOA has a member benefit with Intellicorp for AOA members considering implementing background checks.  Contact Ron Clapacs at Intellicorp (216) 450-5218 for AOA member pricing. 

The failure to conduct background checks may result in a negligent hiring claim if an individual has been convicted of a crime related to an incident at your business.  For an overview of negligent hiring and other issues related to employees actions for which you may be held accountable, go to this brief on 

The following is a summary of some of an employer's obligations when conducting background checks:

If you hire an outside company to do a background check on a job applicant or current employee, the FCRA requires that you:
• Get written permission from the individual for the background check.
• Get permission on a separate document.
• Get special permission if medical information is requested.
• Give notice of the individual’s right to ask about the nature and scope of the report if the report will include interviews with others.
• Give notice and a copy of the report before an adverse employment decision is made.
• Give notice of rights and procedures to dispute inaccurate or incomplete information

If you are a California employer, and whether you conduct the background check yourself or hire an outside company, you must also:
• Give notice to the individual of the right to ask for a copy of any background report.
• Give notice of the right to know the nature and scope of a background check.
• Give contact information for the screening company
Used with consent of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse,

Before implementing background checks you must understand state and federal laws that protect the privacy rights of the individual. This website ( provides a more detailed overview of the some of the issues to consider when administering background checks. We suggest that you consult with your state’s Department of Labor or qualified legal counsel to determine how to implement background checks.

Remember identity theft and data entry errors may result in spurious reports, so before you make decisions adverse to your employee or prospective employee, you have to follow legally defined protocols to give them the opportunity to correct the findings. The EEOC may also consider some decisions “not to hire” based on some background check information as discrimination.  AOA is not in the business of providing legal advice nor does this bulletin represent all the issues you should consider when administering background checks, so please consult with competent legal counsel before administering background checks.

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