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America Outdoors E-Bulletin
March 16, 2006

Sign up Now for Database Marketing Project Confluence: International Marketing and Management Conference Set for Salt Lake
AO Initiates Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign for Adventurevacation.com

America Outdoors Database Marketing Project to Determine Customer and Prospect Profiles for Various Outfitted Activities

Do you know who your customers are, where they get their information about outdoor travel or where to mine for qualified new prospects? America Outdoors has partnered with one of the nation's premier database marketing firms, which specializes in the travel and tourism market, to offer members an opportunity to obtain a demographic and lifestyle profile analysis of their customers and their prospects. Participating companies will upload their customer and prospect databases into a secure database for analysis and segmentation into specific cluster profiles that provide information on what these customers do, whether or not they have children, their estimated household income and other vital marketing information. The analysis is so powerful; the data is specific at the household level, not the zip code or neighborhood, so the profiles are much more accurate than other types of analyses.

Initially the project will consist of two phases:

Phase I will create national profiles of customers for various activities where sufficient data is available (we need a minimum of 5,000 records for accuracy). Profiles of customers for each type of activity: whitewater rafting (day trips and multi-day), guest ranches, multi-sport and other activities will be developed subject to sufficient participation for each activity. America Outdoors is covering most of the costs of this project but companies who decide to participate will pay $2.50 per thousand records or a minimum of $250 per file to input their data which will give them the option to have their individual data analyzed if they chose to do so. Your records will be secure and not seen by anyone else or used for any other purpose without your permission.

Phase II The second phase will allow individual members to obtain Profiles of their own customers to compare to the national profiles and their prospects. A minimum of 5,000 customer records are necessary for the profiles to be reasonably accurate but the more the better. There will be an additional charge for company profiles for customers and prospects. This charge is expected to be $2,600 per analysis of company records or for all the customer records for a river or resource if participating outfitters want a resource-based customer analysis. Company-based customer analysis will be solely the property of the participating company. This information will not be public. The rate charge for the analysis is far less than a company would pay to have it done on its own due to the collective purchasing power through America Outdoors.

The company customer analysis will, among other things, enable a company to compare the profiles of existing customers to the names on its prospects list to determine which ones offer the best opportunity for conversion to actual customers. This analysis will help companies focus their marketing and advertising efforts on those most likely to buy. Only companies who participate in Phase I will be eligible for the company analysis in Phase II.

AO has mailed contracts to each member specifying the requirements for participation, how your database will be protected, what kind of report to expect, how much it will cost for an analysis of your individual company records, if you decide to buy one, and how to upload your data. David Costlow, Rocky Mountain Adventures is heading up the committee overseeing the project (970-493-4005). Your information packet should have arrived at your location early this week. For more information, you may also contact David Brown in the AO office at 800-524-4814.

Confluence: International Marketing and Management Conference Set for Salt Lake
The dates are set for the next America Outdoors Confluence meeting. Plan to be with us in Salt Lake City, UT this November 28 to December 2 for AO's International Marketing and Management Conference. The venue is the Hilton City Center and the trade show will be in the newly renovated Salt Palace Convention Center.
AO Initiates Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign for Adventurevacation.com
America Outdoors has launched an SEM campaign for Adventurevacation.com, the new consumer website for America Outdoors. We will be diverting consumer traffic (about 6,500 unique visits per month) from americaoutdoors.org to adventurevacation.com. Americaoutdoors.org will be revised to serve as the trade site since it is full of archived industry related rules, regulations, bulletins and other trade related material. We expect the site to be listed in a syndicated Chicago Tribune article soon.

Be sure to get your listing updated and a 250 x 175 pixel photo (3 or 4 may be entered) under member images for a photo journey of your business. Go to the home page http://www.adventurevacation.com and look for the member log-in at the bottom of the page, or click here to go directly to the member login page. You will not come up in the search functions unless your listing is updated. The password is adventure. You may change both your login name and password. If you need your log-in name, which is generally your general email address, send an email to robin@americaoutdoors.org.

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