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February 1, 2007

America Outdoors E-News

Get Your Free Quote on Health Insurance America Outdoors Provides Regional Training Sessions
Dates for Confluence, America Outdoors' Marketing and Management Conference Set for 2007 and 2008
Get Your Free Quote on Health Insurance
  The America Outdoors endorsed Health Benefits Program provides our members and their families with comprehensive, affordable health insurance and other necessary life event benefits, including:
  • Life & Disability Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Free Member Rx Savings Card
Assurant Health offers great rates on both Group and Individual/Family Health Insurance Plans. Do you own your own business or are you the purchaser of health insurance for your company? If so, your America Outdoors Membership can help you save money for your company. Contact Assurant Health for a free quote.
America Outdoors Provides Regional Training Sessions
  America Outdoors has an agreement with Signature Worldwide to provide programs to our members including regional reservations training sessions for your staff. Signature Worldwide specializes in delivering customized training programs that provide frontline staff the tools and skills to consistently exceed customers' expectations.

Regional Reservations Training Sessions
Soon America Outdoors will be selecting regional sites where there is sufficient interest for the Signature training program. This interactive one-day program provides you and your staff the tools to help you build the legendary customer service culture you desire. You have a great product; now learn how to provide the great customer service to go with it.

The customer service experience begins with a phone call and Signature will teach you and your team how to convert that phone call to a reservation and get your guests excited about their upcoming adventure. Your return on investment from this program will be significant.

Contact David Brown at 800-524-4814 for more information about setting up a program in your area and check our website americaoutdoors.org for registration information. 18 front line staff are necessary for each session. Outfitters in Maine, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have already expressed interest in setting up training sessions available to companies in those areas.

Mystery Phone Shops
In addition to Signature's training programs they offer mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is where a Signature 'shopper' will call your company and inquire regarding your services and pricing. They will sound like just another customer. This phone call will be recorded into Signature's shopping system and you will be able to listen to the call and coach your staff. Signature will also provide a score sheet on the call.

These calls are a great window into the customer experience and provide an important dose of reality. Almost all of your customer interaction begins with a phone call. These calls will help you determine if your employees are being more than order takers. You will hear for yourself if they are promoting your products, building a relationship with the caller, asking for the sale, and qualifying the caller. All of these components will impact your business and your reputation.

Your investment in the mystery shopping program will be a one-time set up fee of $100 (per organization) and $30 per shop. A minimum of 12 shops must be requested over a four month period.

The regional training sessions and the mystery shopping programs are designed to help you manage the customer experience from the start of your relationship with your customers. The feedback America Outdoors received from Confluence stated that customer service and sales skills must be a priority. We are very pleased to offer these services and hope you take advantage of them.
Dates for Confluence, America Outdoors' Marketing and Management Conference, Set for 2007 and 2008
  Get ready for another informative conference in 2007 as America Outdoors returns to Reno, Nevada for its Marketing and Management Conference, December 5-8 at the Silver Legacy Resort. Make plans now to be with us in Reno for Confluence 2007.

Knoxville Tennessee's new state-of-the-art convention center will host the America Outdoors conference in 2008 from December 3 to 6, 2008.
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