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August 7, 2007

NPS Cannot Double Charge Cost Recovery Fees on Top of Fair Market Value GMA Broadcast of News on Whitewater Fatalities Appeared on Labor Day
Updated AmericaOutdoors.org Website Updates for Confluence AO's Marketing and Management Conference
NPS Cannot Double Charge Cost Recovery Fees on Top of Fair Market Value

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued the following Decisions and Opinions of the Comptroller General on August 23, 2007.

Appropriations Decisions: B-307319, National Park Service--Special Park Use Fees, August 23, 2007 http://www.gao.gov/decisions/appro/307319.htm

The National Park Service (NPS) may set special park use fees based on market value when it is acting under business-type conditions, but it may not double charge for costs by setting a two-part fee in which one part is based on market value and the other based on costs. Both the Independent Offices Appropriations Act (IOAA) of 1952, codified at 31 U.S.C. sect. 9701, and section 3a of title 16 of the United States Code authorize NPS to charge a user fee. When providing commercial goods, services, or resources, NPS may charge a fee based on market value under the IOAA and, under section 3a, calculate its actual costs, deduct that amount from the fee collected, and credit that amount to the current NPS appropriation. Any fees collected in excess of costs must be deposited into the miscellaneous receipts of the Treasury. Alternatively, NPS may choose to set special park use fees to recover only its actual costs and retain those under section 3a.

For a more detailed analysis of OMB Circular A-25, cost recovery and fair market value see Can Outfitting and Guiding on Public Lands Survive OMB Circular A-25? by David Brown, Executive Director in the America Outdoors Summer newsletter.

GMA Broadcast of News on Whitewater Fatalities Appeared on Labor Day

The 2 minute piece about fatalities on rafting trips primarily focused on the unusual number of fatalities on the Arkansas River in Colorado. You can download and view the release at http://www.vmsdigital.com/MyFiles.aspx?Onum=69F6BB4D-658B-45A2-BC3A-A25BF2433CBC

There is much misinformation floating around the internet about commercial whitewater rafting fatalities. Some data cites fatalities for all whitewater accidents as commercial. Other blogs mix raft rental and guided fatalities. Accurate data can be found at http://www.americaoutdoors.org/docs/Whitewaterraftingsafetyissues.doc

Updated AmericaOutdoors.org Website

We are still working out a few bugs, but check out the improved America Outdoors trade site at www.americaoutdoors.org

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Interest is high in AO's new Marketing and Management Conference scheduled for December 5-7 in Reno. Registrations are coming in every day. The agenda is posted along with the on-line registration form. Take advantage of the early registration savings by signing up now. Go to Registration Form

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