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October 16, 2007

Senior Editors from Major Print Media to Review Your PR at Confluence Program Database Marketing Reports Are Still Available for 2007
Secretary of Transportation Says Fuel Efficiency Is Bankrupting the Highway Trust Fund Sign up now for the Bowling Tournament
New BuRec Fee Rule Requires Cost Recovery with Applications and Fees - Comment Due Today    
Senior Editors from Major Print Media to Review Your PR at Confluence Program

America Outdoors is proud to announce that the PR Panel at this year's Confluence will feature Peter Fish, Editor-at-Large for Sunset Magazine, Norie Quintos, Senior Editor of National Geographic Traveler; Catharine Livingston from National Geographic Adventure and a representative from Men's Journal. This is a great line-up of editors and they are anxious to critique your press documents.

Panelists have agreed to evaluate your media kits, press releases or story pitches and provide tips on writing better documents in the future. Send your information to Nancy Harrison at ATMS: nancy@atmstravelnews.com. We need to have a good representation of outfitters and tour operators submit their information so we can have a good time with this. If your info is online, please just send a link to the location. If you have any questions about how this will work, contact Nancy at (970) 568-7423. ATMS is hosting the panel.

To register for Confluence, America Outdoors' Marketing and Management Conference go to www http://www.americaoutdoors.org/confluence.htm

Database Marketing Reports Are Still Available for 2007

AO members still have a low cost opportunity to receive database marketing reports through our agreement with Ruf Strategic Solutions. The reports will divide your customers into Ruf's Smart Clusters and help you determine the top 20% of your customers or prospects. One great idea is to get your customers analyzed separately from your prospects. Then compare the two and match your prospects to the top 20% of your customers to determine where to allocate marketing dollars. Each report costs $2,600 and there is a $250 charge for each file uploaded. 18 outfitters participated in the study last year. For more information contact dbrown@americaoudoors.org.

Secretary of Transportation Says Fuel Efficiency Is Bankrupting the Highway Trust Fund
  According to U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, the Highway Trust Fund will have a shortfall in 2009, due in part to greater fuel efficiency of vehicles. Of course, the ever expanding spending on eroding highway infrastructure also has something to do with the shortfall. Spending has doubled in the last twenty years. The spending shortfall will accelerate as the price of gasoline increases and Americans become more conscious of fuel efficiency.

In 2005 Congress set up the trucking industry and DOT reps as the arbiters of fees for previously exempt for hire vehicles crossing state lines. The unified carrier registration fee now applies to 15 passenger vans involved in interstate commerce. The registration was developed to lower fees on truckers and increase fees revenues for state DOT's.

Regarding the future of the Trust Fund, Ms. Peters is quoted: "Two decades ago, passenger cars got an average of about 14 miles per gallon, according to the Department of Transportation. Now that number is 17 mpg -- in part because people are trading in older cars for new ones with greater fuel-efficiency. The number would be higher had the fuel economy of vans, pickup trucks and SUVs improved, but it has stayed about the same at just over 16 mpg."

"The bulk of highway and road funding, about 55%, comes from a combination of state and federal gasoline taxes. The rest generally comes from vehicle registrations, drivers' license fees, bonds and other public borrowing."

U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters says that "the federal highway trust fund will lack sufficient funding from taxes beginning in 2009." She has been pressing states to look for alternatives to gasoline taxes.

"The bottom line is that we are spending more than we take in, and we have nearly run through the balances that had built up in the fund,' Ms. Peters told Congress in February. 'The highway funding problem is not going to go away, nor can we put it off until the last minute."
  New BuRec Fee Rule Requires Cost Recovery with Applications and Fees - Comment Due Today
  Comments to the Bureau of Reclamation's proposed fee rule for use of facilities and bodies of water are due today October 16, 2007. The rule is an expansion of the fee rule originally issued in 1983, which covered use of agency lands. This rule extends the fee authority to use of "waterbodies" and specifically mentions outfitters and guides as subject to the rule. Application fees are $100 but administrative costs for applications for use, monitoring use, and use fees are also authorized by the rule. Use fees may be determined by competitive bidding or by "valuation".

Use by outfitters are covered by the rule but may be exempted if the waters or lands they use are managed by other federal agencies. Non profits may be exempted from fees if their activities are a general public benefit.

BuRec also has the authority to collect fees for unauthorized use and administrative fees going back six years. The Regional Director makes final rulings under this rule. Appeals of his or her decision can be made within 30 days to the Director of the Bureau.

AO will submit comments today on behalf of the industry. For a copy of the proposed rule send an email to dbrown@americaoutdoors.org or go to the government affairs section of the AO website under Proposed Rules and Regulations. Call AO if you have forgotten your password.
Sign up now for the Bowling Tournament
  It's Just for Fun
Bowling for Dough
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at the National Bowling Stadium across the street from the Silver Legacy
Thursday, December 6th 8:30 - 11:00 PM
Right after the party and trip auction.
The registration fee is $20. Participants will be assigned to teams.
Stay out of the gutter in Reno and join us for this fun event. Call 800-524-4814 or register win you sign up for Confluence.
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