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October 19, 2007

New Proposed Forest Service Permitting Policy Published in the Federal Register Donate a Trip to the Live Auction at Confluence
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New Proposed Forest Service Permitting Policy Published in the Federal Register

The new proposed Forest Service permitting policy was published in the Federal Register on Friday, October 19th. AO will distribute a complete analysis of the proposed policy once and offer comments for members to use prior to the close of comment on January 17th. Within about two weeks of the proposed rules publication in the Federal Register, AO will host a conference call for members to explain the policy and suggest a course of action to ensure the maximum number of comments are submitted consistent with the overall interest of the membership and outfitted public.

Quick notes:

  • The policy creates significant issues for many outfitter holding priority use. After a five year review, any unused allocation will be transferred to a common pool for distribution to temporary use holders who may apply 12 months in advance. Priority use holders may only apply for use from the pool within 30 days of the trip.
  • Utilization of allocation will be reviewed every five years. The agency may award the highest year of use plus 10% to the existing priority use holders provided that the allocation does not exceed the original amount. This is too stringent for most outfitters who are regulated throughout the year, including during shoulder season and where resources are subject to drought, fire and the availability of licenses.
  • Temporary permit holders can apply for 100 user days per year. They are not subject to annual evaluations.
  • Inspections for annual evaluations for priority use are not subject to appeal but factor into the annual evaluations for priority use holders that are used to determine renewal.
  • Ten-year permits may be issued for priority use, subject to use review every five years, but only based on a needs assessment and NEPA. It is uncertain whether the use transferred to the temporary use pool is subject to NEPA.

The proposed rules and the proposed handbook guidance is under the Government Affairs tab in Proposed Rules on Americaoudoutdoors.org Members will get a hard copy in the mail with a complete analysis in a few days and proposed comments in a few weeks.

Carolyn Holbrook, Director of Special Uses in the Washington office of the Forest Service, will be presenting the policy and listening to our input at the America Outdoors Confluence conference in Reno on Wednesday, December 5th.

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