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October 26, 2010

Prepare your shopping list so you can take advantage of show specials at the Outfitter Expo Trade Show!

Achilles Inflatable Craft
Adventure Engine, Inc.
Adventure Office
Adventure Photo Sales
AdventureRes, LLC
AIRE, Inc.
ALPS Mountaineering
Bank of America
Beryl Minghini Sales
Camaro, USA, LLC
Cataract Oars
Caviness Woodworking
CBIZ Insurance Services
Chums - Beyond Coastal
Clavey River Equipment
Confluence Internet 
    Services, Inc.
Creative Bus Sales, Inc.
Demaree Inflatable
    Boats, Inc.
Design by Moira/
    The Chain Gang
Down River Equipment
East-West Printing
EFX Performance
EMI Sportswear
Epop Studio
Evergoing Products
    Group LLC
Evergreen USA
Experiential Resources
Fund Your Dream
G.A. Printing
Gattuso Distributing
High Range Designs
High Wind Productions
Huge Sportswear
Hyside Inflatables
Immersion Research
Jack's Plastic Welding
Jackson Kayak
Man of Rubber
Maravia Corporation
MTI Adventurewear
MV Sport/Weatherproof
Nutcase Helmets
OPI Ohiopyle Prints, Inc.
Ouray Sportswear
Outdoor Mind/ASO

Pachner &
    Associates, LLC
Paddlesports Warehouse
Paluski Boats
Possumdog Productions
Sattler Insurance
Sawyer Paddles
    and Oars
Selway Fabrication
Shred Ready, Inc.
Star Inflatables
The Duck Company
Thompson-Gusic Insurance Group
Triptiva Reservation
    & Management Software
Wilcor International
Worldwide Outfitters &
    Guides/Prime Ins. 

America Outdoors Association Bulletin

Lodging Issues Added to Op Network at Confluence, Tuesday, December 7th.

Make Your Reservations at the Radisson Today to Ensure Availability

Fund Your Dream Is a New “Preferred Merchant Services Provider” for America Outdoors Association Members

DOT, EPA Propose the Nation’s First Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Trucks, Buses and Shuttle Vehicles

Lodging Issues Added to Op Network at Confluence, Tuesday, December 7th.

We are adding an operations network session on Lodging Issues to the agenda.  More and more companies are adding lodging for their clients and enjoying great success.  This session will not be a presentation but an opportunity for you to meet with others in our industry who have lodging properties to discuss and learn about solutions to issues with lodging.  Bring your questions to the group to find out if there is a solution that fits your situation.  Here are a few topics that will be addressed:
• Attracting off season business
• Bed bugs, a lodging owners worst nightmare that can destroy your business and result in litigation.  How to avoid them and what to do if they invade your property.
• Energy and water saving solutions that work

Make Your Reservations at the Radisson Today to Ensure Availability

The Radisson is expected to book up so make your reservations on-line today to ensure a room near the Salt Palace at a reasonable rate.  To Reserve your room securely click Here.
To register for the meeting click Register.

Fund Your Dream Is a New “Preferred Merchant Services Provider” for America Outdoors Association Members

America Outdoors Association has signed an agreement with Colorado-based Fund Your Dream (FYD) to serve as a "Preferred Merchant Services Provider" of electronic payment services for its members.  Our new relationship will allow members to save money on special member rates for electronic payment processing.  FYD has experience with outfitter operations and a dedicated individual to serve outfitters accounts.  The contact for FYD is Kim Callaway 303.653.7964.
 Features of the program include:
• Discounted rates over non-member businesses
• A dedicated Professional that understands your unique needs
• Participation in the AOA mission of growing, protecting and supporting America's outfitting businesses.

DOT, EPA Propose the Nation’s First Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Trucks, Buses and Shuttle Vehicles

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the first national standards to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve fuel efficiency of heavy-duty trucks and buses. The proposal applies standards on the entire vehicle and not just the engine.  For vocational trucks, which many outfitters use, the manufacturers of the chassis will be regulated as well as the manufacturer of the drive train.  New regulations will also apply to air conditioning systems and tires.

This comprehensive national program is designed to reduce GHG emissions by about 250 million metric tons and save 500 million barrels of oil over the lives of the vehicles produced within the program’s first five years.  Future long-haul trucks, school buses and large pickup trucks will be required to cut fuel consumption and emissions by 10% to 20% under first-ever fuel-efficiency plans for trucks released Monday by the Obama administration.  The standards apply to manufacturers of vehicles and not to existing fleets.

For heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans, the agencies are proposing separate gasoline and diesel truck standards, which phase in starting in the 2014 model year and achieve up to a 10 percent reduction for gasoline vehicles and 15 percent reduction for diesel vehicles by 2018 model year (12 and 17 percent respectively if accounting for air conditioning leakage). Lastly, for vocational vehicles, the agencies are proposing engine and vehicle standards starting in the 2014 model year which would achieve up to a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 2018 model year.

Vocational Trucks
Vocational vehicles consist of a very wide variety of truck and bus types including delivery, refuse, utility, dump, cement, transit bus, shuttle bus, school bus, emergency vehicles, motor homes, tow trucks, and many more. Vocational vehicles undergo a complex build process, with an incomplete chassis often built with an engine and transmission purchased from other manufacturers, then sold to a body manufacturer. In these rules, the agencies are proposing to regulate chassis manufacturers for this segment. The agencies are proposing to divide this segment into three regulatory subcategories - Light Heavy (Class 2b through 5), Medium Heavy (Class 6 and 7), and Heavy Heavy (Class 8), which is consistent with the engine classification.

After engines, tires are the second largest contributor to energy losses of vocational vehicles. The proposed program for vocational vehicles for this phase of regulatory standards is limited to tire technologies and hybrid powertrains (along with the separate engine standards). The proposed standards depicted in Table 2 represent emission reductions from seven to 10 percent, from a 2010 baseline.

Proposed MY 2017 Vocational Vehicle Standards

 EPA Full Useful Life Emissions Standards
(g CO2/ton-mile) 
NHTSA Fuel Consumption Standards
(gal/1,000 ton-mile)
 Light Heavy
Class 3-5
Medium Heavy
Class 6-7
Heavy Heavy Class 810710.5

EPA’s Proposed N2O, CH4 and HFC Standards
In addition to the 107CO2 standards described above, EPA is proposing standards for N2O and CH4 emissions. N2O and CH4 are important GHGs that contribute to global warming, more so than CO2 for the same amount of emissions. While today’s gasoline and diesel engines emit relatively low levels of N2O and CH4 emissions, EPA’s proposed standards would act to cap emissions to ensure that manufacturers do not allow the N2O and CH4 emissions of their future engines to increase significantly above the currently controlled low levels.

Air conditioning (A/C) systems contribute to GHG emissions in two ways – direct emissions through refrigerant leakage and indirect emissions due to the extra load on the vehicle’s engine to provide power to the air conditioning system. HFC refrigerants, which are powerful GHG pollutants, can leak from the A/C system. EPA is proposing a standard of 1.5 percent refrigerant leakage per year, to assure that high-quality, low-leakage components are used in each air conditioning system design for pickup trucks, vans, and tractors.

EPA and NHTSA are providing a 60-day comment period that begins when the proposal is published in the Federal Register. The proposal and information about how to submit comments is at:
http://www.epa.gov/otaq/climate/regulations.htm and http://www.nhtsa.gov/fuel-economy

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