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May 15, 2008

Discounts on Background Checks Now Available as a New Member Benefit Are You Still Waiting for Your Customers to Make Their Reservations?
Take One Minute to Fill-Out This Marketing Outlook Survey Avoid Common Hiring Blunders
Save Money by Reducing Power Consumption
Discounts on Background Checks Now Available as a New AO Member Benefit

America Outdoors has created an alliance with Intellicorp Records, Inc. to provide background check and employment screening products at a discounted rate utilizing highcaliber screening tools. Intellicorp's wide range of products include criminal background checks, employment/education verification, credit checks, drug testing, motor vehicle records and more.

America Outdoors and Intellicorp have partnered to provide an online background check for the deeply discounted rate of $27.95.
The package includes:

  • SSN Verification with Address History
  • Criminal Supersearch
  • Sex Offender Registry of 50 States
  • Unlimited Single County Criminal Searches

Click here to access the America Outdoors program http://www.intellicorp.net/branding/americaoutdoors/

Prior to using background checks, we strongly recommend that you understand the legal issues related to them. AO had a legal brief prepared, which provides an overview and Intellicorp also helps handle disputes. However, background check firms generally do not warrant the accuracy of their information due to errors that can occur in reporting, therefore correct procedures should be followed. Go to http://americaoutdoors.org/docs/BackgroundCheckstheFairCreditReporting%20Act.DOC to view the legal brief.

The package cited above will provide you with true nationwide coverage, all at your fingertips using Intellicorp's web based system. Intellicorp will work with you to customize your pre-screening needs and offer you the best combination of pricing, products and service. You must be an AO member and mention America Outdoors to take advantage of these rates and savings.

For more information please call:
Rob Clapacs
Intellicorp Records
Phone: (216) 450-5218

Take One Minute to Fill-Out
This Marketing Outlook Survey
  Take One Minute to fill-out this Marketing Outlook Survey.

Only those taking the survey will see the results. Please respond even if you have submitted before. We're taking the industry's pulse on a regular basis.
Are You Still Waiting for Your Customers to Make Their Reservations?
  With rebate checks scheduled to arrive in your customers mail boxes, now might be a great time to call your past customers and ask for their business this year. If you are waiting for the phone to ring this year instead of telemarketing, your business may be off. We are hearing mixed results. Some outfitters are up, while others are down. This isn't to say that a telemarketing campaign will turn things around altogether if your business is off, but it might stir up some business and you'll learn a lot by a friendly call.
Here are a couple of ideas for telemarketing.

Have a special offer ready as a follow-up. If you book by ____________, we're throwing in ______________ at no additional charge. You have to book by (specified date) to get this special offer.

As we learned at the AO conference, a special offer is not a special offer without a deadline
Avoid Common Hiring Blunders
  Key Questions to Find the Right Fit

New people bring new ideas and new energy into a business. If their personal "magnetic north" lines up with the organization's own axis of cultural alignment, the culture is strengthened. If their magnetic field happens to have a different orientation, however, this has a weakening effect on the overall establishment. And once enough different fields pointing in enough different directions have been added to the mix, the original alignment can be cancelled out altogether.

This is how an organization deteriorates from one that originally "knew exactly where it was going" into one in which everyone now feels they're being pulled in a dozen directions at once. When that point is reached, having all the most talented and best-qualified people on the payroll does nothing to make success easier to achieve. Once in a cultural tug-of-war, increasing the strength of the "tug" in each of the various directions has little or no effect on the outcome.

The antidote for temporary amnesia during hiring interviews is to ask a few key questions that have nothing to do with job-related issues, and everything to do with culture-related ones. For example:
1. What do you do for enjoyment away from work?

Wrong answer: "Oh, mostly watch TV, I guess," or "I like hanging out with friends at [name of local bar]." Answers like these suggest our applicant may be at risk of being taunted to "get a life." Our question is designed to reveal personal levels of enthusiasm-the kind of energy that can reinforce cultural alignment, rather than sap it.

Better answer: "I belong to a [car club, community choir, sports team, etc.]," or "I enjoy [photography, stamp collecting, woodworking, etc.]" This is an individual with hobbies or interests, a person who derives pleasure from feeling that he or she is accomplishing something.

Best answer: "I love [any of the above, or equivalent]." The greater the enthusiasm in the response, the better. Applicants who are highly motivated from the outset have an easier time becoming highly motivated about their new job.

To view all the key questions and the entire article go to http://www.managesmarter.com/msg/content_display/incentive/e3ie08e624450193751fbd7f8bbbbbce0c4
Originally posted at www.incentivemag.com on May 12, 2008
Save Money by Reducing Power Consumption
  What about those common areas you keep lit all the time even when no one's in the shop? What happens when you guests leave the lights on the in the cabin or room?

Lodging technology may have the answer with a system that automatically detects the absence of occupants and curbs energy consumption by switching off lights in common areas, restrooms, closets and other areas. When guests are out of their rooms for a period of time, GEM System® kicks into action and resets the room temperature to a management selected energy saving level, reducing energy consumption by 35% to 45%.
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