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Secretary Salazar Affirms Decision to Delist
Gray Wolves in Northern Rockies and Western Great Lakes

Survey Reveals Strategies Used to Counter Impacts of the Recession

Benefiting from the Economic Stimulus Money

Secretary Salazar Affirms Decision to Delist Gray Wolves in Northern Rockies and Western Great Lakes

This weekend Secretary Ken Salazar affirmed the decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to remove wolves from the threatened and endangered species list in Idaho, Montana, parts of Washington, Oregon and Utah.  The specie will remain a protected species in Wyoming.  Populations in the western Great Lakes were also removed.

The USFWS estimates there are more than 5,500 wolves in the continental U.S. with 1,600 in the Northern Rockies.  Wolves were delisted in Idaho and Montana because the state’s have an approved wolf management plan.  However, the USFWS did not judge the Wyoming plan to be acceptable.

IOGA Executive Director Grant Simonds said, “IOGA has supported delisting since 2002. We are pleased with Secretary Salazar’s decision and want to move forward with state management.”

Most hunters support delisting because the cow/calf ratio in many areas where wolves proliferate is significantly reduced. Elk herds have also been displaced, negatively impacting outfitters and hunters living in those areas.

Survey Reveals Strategies Used to Counter Impacts of the Recession

The recent survey on the Business Outlook for Outfitters and Adventure Resorts found that most outfitters were reducing expenses and hiring fewer workers. Over 50% of outfitters are offering specials.  See the summary results of the strategies below.

What steps are you taking to make adjustments to the economic climate? More than one answer allowed.

Response                                                                               Percent Response

Not making any changes                                                                                 7.9%

Cutting expenses, hiring fewer workers                                                      67.5%

Cutting marketing and advertising                                                               22.5%

Spending more on marketing & advertising specific services               38.4%

Eliminating some services or capacity                                                       18.5%

Combining the delivery of my services with my competitors                    4.0%

Adding new specialty trips                                                                              20.5%

Offering more specials                                                                                    53.0%

Deferring development plans                                                                         35.8%

Borrowing money to finance operations                                                      19.2%

Benefiting from the Economic Stimulus Money

Outfitters and vendors should not overlook the opportunity to participate in the economic stimulus contracts being issued by federal agencies.  Hosting meetings, repair and maintenance of facilities, and even recreational outings for the military are among the contracts being awarded.  Many initial contracts are for road maintenance and thinning projects around federal lands, but there is a huge list of procurement opportunities available on   An easy search function can reveal projects or products that might fall under your area of expertise.

Offerors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database with a DUNS number in order to participate in this procurement. For instructions on registering with the CCR, please visit the website for CCR at

Chief Abigail Kimball recently announced that the Forest Service is going to be providing contracts for projects to assist rural communities through the economic downturn.  We have already heard several reports from the field about positive attitudes toward reissuing permits that have long been bottled up for lack of documentation.

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