Do Commodity Classifications Impact Your Product?


By: Ian Frendreis, Ascent Global Logistics

Here Is How You Can Find Out

On August 25, 2018, National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc implemented a change in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) of cleaning compounds under NMFC 48580.  Prior to August 25, NMFC 48580 had three subclasses:  100, 70 and 55.  Now, all cleaning compounds are under a single sub class (sub class 70).

See If Your NMFC Numbers Have Been Affected

What Can This Classification Change Mean for My Shipments?

A change in freight class could mean several things. First, it could result in an increase in freight charges. If you do not use the current NMFC number and freight class, you could incur several additional inspection and reclassification fees.

Second, your commodity’s freight class could be outside of an FAK range. If you have an item specific FAK and your item number changes, you may no longer enjoy the FAK.

Do NMFC Items Ever Get Cancelled?

Yes! NMFC items are sometimes cancelled. If they are, the supplement will point you to the replacement. Often times, items are changed from a non-density based class to a density based class; moreover, the length of an article is now a consideration whereas before it was not.

How Can I Continue to Proactively Manage These Classification Changes?

Ascent Global Logistics recommends that all Domestic Freight Management customers update their bills-of-lading (BOLs) to just include item number 48580 and not the sub class. We recommend reviewing all products to see if they have been affected by changes in this supplement. This will ensure that all carriers will be able to appropriately allocate sub class 70 to all items under NMFC 48580.

Where Can I Go To See If My Items Have Been Affected?

Please review this supplement to see if any of your NMFC numbers have been revised or cancelled. 


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