Aug 27, 2021 PDF Document Outfitter Comments on DOL Federal Contractor Min Wage - Department of Labor

Jun 14, 2021 PDF Document AO Testimony on House Subcommittee Hearing, 6-8-2021 - Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, National Park Service
Written Testimony by America Outdoors on the Simplifying Outdoor Access for Recreation Ac (SOAR), Environmental Justice in Recreation Permitting, on the Ski Hill Resources for Economic Development Act (SHRED), and on the Modernizing Access to our Public Land Act (MAP Land).

Dec 17, 2020 PDF Document 2020 Outcome for Active Travel Survey Results - Administrative & Financial Tools

Jul 21, 2020 PDF Document Risk Management Manual for Outfitters - Risk Management

Jun 18, 2020 PDF Document Economic Injury Disaster Loan Reopened - Administrative & Financial Tools

May 19, 2020 PDF Document Sample Affidavit 14-day Quarantine Requirement - Risk Management

May 13, 2020 PDF Document US Forest Service Guidance During COVID-19 Updated - US Forest Service

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