Jul 21, 2015 PDF Document The New SEO Rules: How to Create Quality and Naturally SEO-friendly Content - Marketing and Business Development

Jul 16, 2015 PDF Document Proposed Overtime Rule - Department of Labor

May 20, 2015 PDF Document Letter from Coalition Opposing Hydro-power Legislation 2015 - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Letter opposing hydro power legislation in 114th Congress 2015.

Mar 09, 2015 PDF Document BLM Permit and Fee Handbook 2014 - Bureau of Land Management
The BLM Permit and Fee Administration Handbook details how BLM permits are administered. Revised in 2014.

Jan 21, 2015 PDF Document Federal Wage and Hour Guidelines for Employers - Human Resources

Dec 04, 2014 PDF Document Hiring Key Employees Part 2 - Human Resources

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