Outdoor Industry Marketing Conference

Your business is unique- you’ve developed a special experience that guests love. But during your time as a manager of an outdoor tour business, you’ve noticed huge changes in marketing. We started with radio ads and billboards, but now the game revolves around Google Tags Manager and Social Media Ads- the world of marketing has changed drastically and you’re constantly trying to keep up.

Even if you are already a great marketer there is so much learn because it just. keeps. changing.

You can attend a general marketing conference if you wish, but our industry is unique, and you deserve to hear from the professionals who truly understand what you do!

The America Outdoors Conference is the only place designed with outfitters and outdoor tour operators in mind. We bring together the experts of outdoor travel marketing to help you create a marketing plan that incorporates the most up-to-date strategies and is measurable and impactful for your business.


So, what’s the “America Outdoors difference,” you ask? It’s not just one thing. We bring together all of the most important components to bring you a successful marketing conference. Check them out:




America Outdoors gathers the best and brightest in outdoor travel marketing to help you develop your marketing strategy for the coming year.  Our marketing speakers are in high-demand. To have the opportunity to hear their recommended strategies is a true privilege, which is why we see attendees leaving these sessions with copious notes and big smiles. Let’s take a moment to meet a few of the speakers from the 2018 America Outdoors Conference:

Peter Ross – 829 Studios - Peter is the co-founder of 829 Studios - a marketing firm that focuses on the outdoor and adventure travel industry.  His firm specializes in building websites, email crafting automation, and running online marketing campaigns.  They currently work with OARS, Nantahala Outdoor Center, Off the Beaten Path, Water by Nature, Leave No Trace, and several others in the outdoor industry. 

Klint Rudolph- Xcite Media - Klint Rudolph is a co-founder and partner of Xcite Media Group, a digital advertising agency based in Denver. Klint is digital marketing strategist who speaks nationally on radio shows and conferences. Klint has also presented in Mountain View, California at Google Headquarters educating Agencies around the world on agency best practices.

Matt Bare – Q4 Launch- Matt Bare is the Founder of Q4Launch, a full-service design and internet travel and destination marketing firm. Matt specializes in inbound marketing, web design, SEO, blogging, social media, and e-commerce.


One-on-one Time

We have all been to conference sessions that are GREAT- the speaker is engaging, their advice is on point, but you’re left wanting more. So, what do you do as soon as their presentation is over? You make your way to the front of the room, only to be greeted by a long line of others waiting to have their own questions answered. You only have 15 minutes before you need to get to the next session. You must make a choice: either wait in line to have a 30-second conversation and possibly arrive late to the next session or move on and hope you run into that speaker later.

At the America Outdoors Conference, the speakers are easy to find ‘later’ because they’re sitting in the AO Booth waiting to speak with you- and not just for a couple minutes. They are there to answer your questions and help you make the most of your time.


Get Out Your Computer

We know that you want to get actionable tips for your marketing program when you come to the America Outdoors conference. But why wait until you get home to implement these new changes? Bring your computer with you ready to learn!

Many conferences you will attend give you a general overview of the things you are doing wrong, but they don't show you how to actually implement changes. At America Outdoors, we suggest to come with your computer ready to update your analytics, social media, email automation strategies and more.


Marketing Break-Out Sessions


One of the most valuable aspects of the America Outdoors Conference is the opportunity to meet other outdoor industry marketers and business owners. Sometimes what makes sense in theory isn’t what works out in practice. This is your opportunity to hear from other outdoor tour operators to swap ideas of what’s been tested, what worked and so on.

There are ample opportunities to engage in these conversations, but we don’t just leave it up to you to do on your own. We arrange Marketing Idea Exchanges to facilitate engagement. After your idea exchange session, you will be buzzing with strategies to put in practice when you return home.

BONUS: Every evening of the conference we throw a party so you can continue the conversations with your peers. These events are, of course, a ton of fun. But they’re also your opportunity to hear from the industry leaders and make contacts that you can reach out to throughout the year.


Join us!

Don't leave your marketing to chance. You may be doing everything right for your outdoor business, but if your future customers can't find you, it doesn't matter. Come join a community of like-minded outdoor industry professionals and get ready to see your marketing efforts pay off!


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See you in December!