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See Why So Many Outfitting Businesses are Members of America Outdoors Association

Membership Benefits Include:


  • Invaluable Risk Management Resources including a free Emergency Response and Communications Plan, notification forms, discounted background checks and guidelines on their use, and overview of insurance issues and common gaps in liability insurance coverage. Plus you get discounted pricing on the DVD Essential Risk Management Practices for Your Recreation Business. Contact AOA to purchase yours.

  • Shipping Discounts for AOA Members:
    * YRC Freight - Lower costs and increase margins when you ship with YRC Freight, the original LTL (less-than-truckload) experts. AOA has negotiated special rates for members on qualifying LTL shipments. This benefit is for 150 pound shipments. 
    * PartnerShip® - a comprehensive inbound and outbound shipping program that combines simplicity, savings, and value to all AOA members. As the AOA-endorsed shipping management provider, PartnerShip works with nationally known carriers including FedEx, UPS Freight, and YRC Freight to provide unparalleled customer service and significant savings on every shipment. Members who enroll in this free program receive discounts on small package, LTL freight, and tradeshow shipments.
    * GTS -is now Ascent Global Logistics Company! What does this mean for AOA (America Outdoors Association) members?  In addition to the domestic freight management solutions you have come to expect from GTS, you can now utilize Ascent Global Logistics for comprehensive international freight forwarding and retail consolidation solutions.  This change goes well beyond a new name for GTS and will provide AOA members with additional logistical resources to help you manage your inbound and outbound supply chains.   For more information, call AOA 800-524-4814.
    Find details in the AOA Members Password Protected Area.

  • Representation in legislative and legal efforts on issues that affect our industry. DOT regulations, Forest Service permitting and management, wilderness management, NPS concessions issues, BLM issues, Coast Guard issues, fees on federally navigable waters, insurance requirements for outfitters are just some of the issues we've dealt with recently.

  • PATH - Merchant Services & Small Business Solutions to free up time for what matters. As the Preferred Merchant Services Provider for AOA members, you can save money on special member-only rates. PATH is highly experienced in the outfitter industry and has recently expanded their services to provide operational solutions for outfitters including digital waicers, scheduling, payroll, and many more. To find out why PATH is right for you, visit their website at

  • AOA members are invited to join, where hundreds of top brands reward your expertise. Thanks to your knowledge and influence in outdoor industry and your affiliation with America Outdoors Association, you can join for free. You can receive up to 70% off retail and new brands and products are added daily. See details in the AOA Members Only Area.

  • America Outdoors Association's Service and Supplier Members offer the best in outdoor products for your outfitting or retail business. Check out the AOA members.

  • America Outdoors Association Insurance Providers Underwriting credits for AOA membership will save you up to 10% on your liability insurance premiums with member insurance providers. The amount of savings depends on business experience, loss history, and other factors. Click here for a list of AOA member insurance providers.

  • NEW!! - Pro Deals with Columbia and Orvis. Ordering information for AOA members is available on the Member Resources Pro Deals page in the password protected area.

  • The America Outdoors Association® Member Resources Page This members only area contains more than $10,000 worth of legal briefs on compliance with federal regulations, the AOA By-laws and Operating Policies, tips on marketing & public relations, the AOA Risk Management Manual, Risk Management Self Assessment Workbook, the Barriers to Participation in Outfitted Trips study, AOA Marketing Plan template, and much more.

  • Quarterly newsletters and Monthly Electronic Bulletins, timely bulletins, analysis and alerts that keep you informed on changing permitting policies, lawsuits, fees, and other regulatory issues before they impact your profitability. Bulletins are posted in the password protected area of the Member Resources page.
  • A listing on our Web site with a click-through to your site.

  • Discounts on registration for America Outdoors Association's Marketing and Management Conference. A conference for adventure travel companies. It features valuable seminars on risk management, improving profitability, operations, plus the Outfitter Expo trade show featuring all the products you need for your outdoor business. Confluence 2017 will be held in Reno, NV, December 4-7, 2017. Call America Outdoors Association for more information. 1-800-524-4814.

  • Discounts on advertising in our quarterly newsletter.
  • The AOA Board of Directors and our many outfitter members across the country with countless years of outfitting experience.

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Secure Membership Applications


Qualifications for America Outdoors Association Membership:

Applicants must possess the following qualifications:

  • Agree to abide by the America Outdoors Association® code of ethics if as it is applicable to their operation;
  • Pay annual dues on time;
  • Support the mission and purposes of America Outdoors Association;
  • The Board may establish additional qualifications as may be appropriate for each class of membership.

Discover what over 500 of the nation’s finest outfitting businesses already know!

Call 800-524-4814 for more information or go to
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AOA Conference Dec 4 - 7 Daytona Beach, FL

AOA is the national association of outfitters and guides and their suppliers. Check out our list of members.

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Trip Date: September 17 - 21, 2018
Moab, UT

Join us for the 2018 George Wendt Memorial Raft Trip. Call AOA office to register. Click below to view the flyer.


Become an America Outdoors Member

Member Benefits

Save Money on Exclusive Benefits

  • Free Business Kit with membership
  • Savings on credit card processing rates
  • The AOA Shipping Discount Program
  • 5% to 15% savings on liability insurance
  • Payroll Management Services
  • Pro Plans


Legislation & Regulation

Legislation & Regulation:

  • Minimum Wage for Federal Permits
  • Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act reauthorization
  • Expansion of Overtime
  • Latest on Paddlesports Skill Standards
  • Log-in to Outfitter Member Resources for Complete Access to Need-to-Know Documents

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Risk Management

Risk Management:

  • Save 5% to 15% on Liability Insurance
  • White Paper:  Liability in Paddlesports Rental
  • Essential Risk Management Practices DVD
  • Brief on Use of Background Checks

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