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February 15, 2018Avoid These Big Mistakes with Life Insurance

From the AOA Business Library Series, mistakes to avoid when buying and managing life insurance.

September 07, 201750 Strategies to Increase and Manage Your Cash Flow - Member Only

The Business Library shares solutions for increasing your cash flow, pricing products to increase sales, and how to analyze and value a company's income and cash flow.

September 07, 2017How to Determine the Dollar Value of a Business - Member Only

Business Value Case Studies
Do you know what your business is worth? The best reasons for valuing your business can be found in what can happen if you don't. Establishing a value for your business in advance of major disasters or  decisions will help you avoid costly mistakes.

September 07, 2017Buy-Sell Agreements and Succession Planning - Member Only

Reasons to Consider a Buy-Sell

It's been widely reported that 80% of the owners and executives of closely held businesses have not effected a buy-sell agreement to purchase their stock upon death or permanent disability.  The best argument for having a buy-sell agreement is not the advantages of having one but rather the possible negative consequences of not having one.  Here are situations which could occur in any form of business ownership, including C and S corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and even sole proprietorships if a successor hasn’t been identified.

September 07, 2017Selling a Business: Structuring and Negotiating the Best Deal - Member Only

In this Resource Report, The Business Library provides a comprehensive overview of how to structure and negotiate the sale of a business, including the four principal methods of payment, the tax considerations, use of a contingency earnout and installment note, continued benefits to negotiate, intangible assets to value, and much more.

September 07, 2017Rules on Travel, Auto, Meal, And Entertainment Deductions - Member Only

How Owners Get Hit With Huge Bills for Back Taxes, Interest, and Penalties

The reason: Improper and undocumented travel, meals, entertainment, lodging, and auto deductions — some of the highest IRS audit areas.  Compound-ing the problem are poor recordkeeping, non-existent receipts, and non-compli-ance with the rules, all of which are discovered by the IRS several years after you already filed your business and personal tax returns.  That means the amount due the IRS often is double or triple the original taxes payable because it includes interest, penalties, a 20% negligence penalty, and possibly a 75% additional penalty if you intentionally overstated your deductions.

September 07, 2017Auto and Equipment Leasing for Small Businesses - Member Only

What to Know Before You Sign the Lease

Today, practically everything can be leased — from automobiles to office furniture to giant construction cranes. The best thing about leasing: You get to "try out" the product before buying and without draining your cash flow.  But leasing can be complex and there are many terms to know and clauses to negotiate. Do your homework and you can arrange a lease to be less costly or to provide you with more protection — or both. 

September 07, 2017When to Offer an Employment Contract and What to Include - Member Only

Smaller and mid-sized companies are particularly vulnerable to the loss, departure, or termination of a key person. That is especially true for sales and marketing executives, who can represent a good percent of the company's business and who have inside access to the company’s products, customers, industry niche, and marketing and business plans. 

September 07, 2017Renting and Leasing Properties for Both Tenants and Landlords - Member Only

15 Critical Factors to Investigate Before You Sign the Lease.

You say you signed your lease years ago?  That doesn’t mean this Resource Report doesn’t apply to you.  You can use many of the cost-saving alerts when renegotiating your existing lease, exercising current lease options, or arranging insurance coverage for your rental properties.  So save this Report for future reference.

September 07, 2017Before You Buy a Business, or Any Major Asset - Member Only

Be Sure to Get the Whole Story

Want to buy a business, division, product line, franchise, or other substantial asset?  You're not alone. In fact, many business owners are discovering what large companies already know: one of the fastest ways to grow is to acquire another company. The right acquisition can result in economies of scale, more marketing clout, a competitive edge, and higher sales and profits. 

But the wrong acquisition can drain your company's resources, lower overall profits, make you a weaker competitor, and even destroy your current business. 


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