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October 04, 2017GO Act Passes House of Representatives - Member Only

GO Act Passes House of Representatives / Brian Merrill Testifies on Recreation Not Red-Tape Legislation / Secretary of Interior to Hire Recreation Director 

September 29, 2017Focus on Improving and Deregulating Recreation Access on Front Burner in Washington - Member Only

Focus on Improving and Deregulating Recreation Access on Front Burner in Washington / The Guides and Outfitters Act, H.R. 289, Scheduled for Vote in House of Representatives / The Outdoor Recreation Enhancement Act, H.R. 2771 /  The Recreation Not Red-Tape Act  / Trump Administration Takes on Regulation of Public Lands

August 28, 2017Repeal of Tax on Health Insurance Premiums Has 158 Bipartisan Sponsors - Member Only

H.R. 246 repeals Section 9010 of the Affordable Care Act which taxes large insurers to help cover the costs of the Affordable Care Act. Since many insurers are struggling to stay in Affordable Care Act exchanges, the costs of this tax are expected to be passed onto to purchasers of health insurance including the small businesses who buy insurance for their employees.  

August 23, 2017New Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke - Member Only

New Forest Service Chief Is Tony Tooke, Southern Region Forest Supervisor / NPS CUA Fee Increases Rippling through Parks - Some Outfitters Negotiating Changes / Four Outfitters Sue Utility over Water Quality in Lower Saluda River

August 01, 2017RNR Bill Introduced by Wyden and Bishop - Member Only

RNR Bill Introduced by Wyden and Bishop

Bipartisan Letters to Congress on J-1 Visa Restrictions. Call Your Members of Congress Today!

July 26, 2017How to Avoid Unsafe Glasses for Solar Eclipse Viewing - Member Only

How to Avoid Unsafe Glasses for Solar Eclipse Viewing / Minority Raises a Couple of Issues after The GO Act Mark-up / Recreation Not Red Tape Bill Introduced in House / Senate Confirms Dave Bernhardt for Deputy Secretary of the Interior

July 07, 2017Bureau of Land Management Seeking Input on Land Use Planning - Member Only

The President and Secretary of the Interior Zinke have asked the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to take a new, in-depth look into our land use planning and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) processes. As someone who cares about the nation's public lands, your input is vital to determining how the BLM will approach land use planning going forward.

June 29, 2017AOA Hires Former Congressman Nick Rahall to Help Advance H.R. 2771 - Member Only

AOA Hires Former Congressman Nick Rahall to Help Advance H.R. 2771 / Malwarebytes Advises on New Ransomware Virus / SBA Announces Regulatory Roundtable in Idaho / SBA Conducting Funding Strategies Workshops in Chattanooga

June 27, 2017Resources Committee Approves GO Act - Member Only

The Guides and Outfitters Act, H.R. 289, was amended and approved unanimously by a voice vote today by the House Natural Resources Committee.

June 22, 2017The Guides and Outfitters Act and Other important Updates - Member Only

The GO Act Scheduled for Mark-up in House Natural Resources Committee / Hours of Service Regulations: Can Your Guide Drive a For Hire Vehicle after Working a Trip? / Quiet Recreation in Eastern Colorado Generates $54.3 Million in Spending at Local Level / Governor Signs Ocoee Legislation / Fatalities and Disappearances on Outfitted Trips in 2017 / Fish and Wildlife Service to Remove Yellowstone Grizzlies from the Endangered Species List

June 13, 2017Representative Stewart Introduces the Outdoor Recreation Enhancement Act - Member Only

Representative Stewart Introduces the Outdoor Recreation Enhancement Act / Secretary Zinke Signs Secretarial Order to Review Sage Grouse Plans and Conservation / Forest Service Testing On-line Permit Application / Secretary Zinke to Propose Reducing the Size of Bears Ears 

May 10, 2017Higher Minimum Wage for Federal Permit Holders Made Legal in Omnibus Appropriations Bill - Member Only

Higher Minimum Wage for Federal Permit Holders Made Legal in Omnibus Appropriations Bill / House Committee Seeking Input on Unreasonable Regulations / Support The GO Act. Write Congress and ask them to support and pass H.R. 289

April 26, 2017Trump Tax Plan Calls for 15% Rate for All Businesses - Member Only

Trump Tax Plan Calls for 15% Rate for All Businesses / Trump Executive Order Calls for Review of National Monuments / Tennessee Governor Proposes to Pay TVA $11.8 Million to Continue Ocoee Water Releases 

April 19, 2017Trump Administration E.O. Begins Executive Branch Overhaul - Member Only

Trump Administration E.O. Begins Executive Branch Overhaul and Regulation Reduction / AOA Marketing Video of the Week

April 13, 2017Overtime Rule Still on Hold as Department of Labor Delays Appeal - Member Only

Overtime Rule Still on Hold as Department of Labor Delays Appeal / Tight Job Market?  Try These Unique Hiring Strategies / You’ll Never Get a Second Chance at a First Impression! / Governor of California Declares California Drought Over (for the most part) 

April 11, 2017AOA Announces Keynote Speaker for Reno Conference - Member Only

AOA Announces Keynote Speaker for Reno Conference / Inexpensive Strategy to Increase Your Facebook Following by Six Fold / Legislation to Establish Management Fund for Ocoee River Moving through State Legislature / Public Lands News and Updates / Secretary of Interior Makes Two Key Appointments 

March 30, 2017House Passes Small Business Health Fairness Act - Member Only

House Passes Small Business Health Fairness Act / Forest Service Outlines Plans for Identifying Priority Trail Maintenance Areas by May 28th / Do You Need a Sexual Harassment Policy for Your Business?

March 21, 2017Does the Electronic Logging Device Rule Apply to Your Shuttle Drivers? - Member Only

Write Congress in Support of The GO Act / Does the Electronic Logging Device Rule Apply to Your Shuttle Drivers? / Link to Paddlesports Safety Orientation Video Now Available

March 15, 2017Congressional Hearing Boosts Recreation Infrastructure - Member Only

Congressional Hearing Boosts Recreation Infrastructure / Hearing on Hydropower Legislation Scheduled for Wednesday; What It Could Mean for Your Favorite Trout Stream / Great Frontline Staff Training Videos Featuring Successful AOA Members

March 09, 2017Affordable Care Act Changes as Proposed by House Republicans - Member Only

Affordable Care Act Changes as Proposed by House Republicans / Manager's Academy March 28-30, 2017, Asheville NC / LWCF Bill Introduced / Paddlesports Orientation Video for Flatwater

March 03, 2017House of Representatives Putting Together Infrastructure Bill, Secretary Zinke Signs Executive Order to Expand Recreation Opportunities on Federal Lands - Member Only

House of Representatives Putting Together Infrastructure Bill; Wants Your Input on Recreation Projects / Camp Washington Succeeds in Advancing AOA’s Legislative Agenda / AOA Manager's Academy, March 27 - 29; Register Your Aspiring New Manager Today / Secretary Zinke Signs Executive Order to Expand Recreation Opportunities on Federal Lands

March 01, 2017The AOA Manager's Academy - Member Only

 A Special Invitation to Join Us in Asheville, NC for the AOA Manager’s Academy, March 27-29.

February 03, 2017NPS Rolling Out New Fee Structures for Commercial Use Authorizations - Member Only

The Good News: Florida Drops Plan to Charge Fees / Two National Magazines Expected to Print Articles on Sexual Harassment in the Outfitting Industry / NPS Rolling Out New Fee Structures for Commercial Use Authorizations / 10 or More Year-round Employees? OSHA Requires You to Keep Records on Serious Accidents and Illnesses / Just in - On-Water Standards Program / 2017 Manager's Academy Registration is Open 

January 05, 2017States seeking fees from non-motorized boaters - Member Only

Get Your Forest Area Trails on the Priority List; Input will be taken for Two More Months / States’ Boating Agencies Propose New Fees on Non-Motorized Boaters / NPS Backcountry Management Plan May Eliminate Most CUAs

December 09, 2016Updates from America Outdoors - Member Only

McMorris Rogers Likely Pick for Interior Secretary / Recap of The GO Act Hearing, H.R. 5129 / AOA Conference Speaker Handouts Available in Members Only Area

December 06, 2016AOA Conference Hits the Mark with Attendees - Member Only

AOA Conference Hits the Mark with Attendees  /  Congress to Vote on Changes to the Way Some NPS Concessions Contracts are Issued

The AOA conference, which wrapped up last week in Daytona Beach exceeded expectations for attendees. One first time attendee described the conference this way: "I am just about to fly out, back to Africa after a couple days visiting the Florida Keys. I just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible event. The conferencing subjects were great and comprehensive and exceptionally relevant. It pretty much met and exceeded my expectations. As discussed I will return home and find out how much rafting revenue we turn over. We would like to become members of your organization."  Sean Edington, Safari-Par-Excellence

November 21, 2016AOA Executive Director Testifies before Congress - Member Only

On November 30th, AOA’s Executive Director, David Brown testified before Congress in support of H.R. 5129, the Guides and Outfitters Act (GO Act), which reauthorizes the permitting authority for outfitters and guides operating on National Forests, BLM lands; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Refuges, and Bureau of Reclamation lands.  

November 10, 2016What the Election Results Mean for Outfitters - Member Only

Donald Trump’s election will result in significant policy shifts. Among those possible changes that are of interest to many AOA members are listed in this bulletin.

October 27, 2016Google Donates $165,000 to Send 4th Graders to National Parks - Member Only

Google Donates $165,000 to Send 4th Graders to National Parks / End of Season Survey Results - Complete the Survey to Get Them / Understanding the Seasonal Recreational Establishment Exemption 

September 28, 2016Forest Service Trails Stewardship Act Passes House Heads to Senate - Member Only

Forest Service Trails Stewardship Act Passes House Heads to Senate / AOA End of Season Survey / NWS Watch, Warning and Advisory Survey for Outfitters /  National Association of State Boating Law Administrators Seek Comments of Paddlesports Standards

September 22, 201621 States File Suit to Stop Implementation of Overtime Rule - Member Only

21 States File Suit to Stop Implementation of Overtime Rule / Trails Stewardship Act Approved by House Agriculture and Headed for Vote / Participate in the Annual Survey for Business Trends and Issues

September 19, 2016AOA Keynote Speaker John Spence Recommends Four Business Books - Member Only

AOA Keynote Speaker John Spence Recommends Four Business Books / Google Executive to Keynote at AOA Conference on December 1st/ What Keeps You Up at Night? / Electric Motor Debuts on the Colorado River / Check Out the Latest FAQ’s Regarding Forest Service Streamlining of NEPA Documentation / Hearing on Recreation and Conservation Issue Scheduled for This Thursday in the U.S. Senate

September 14, 2016Forest Service Schedules Sessions on Streamlining Special Uses Permitting - Member Only

Forest Service Schedules Sessions on Streamlining Special Uses Permitting
Since the Chief of the Forest Service (USFS) announced plans to streamline special uses permitting for some groups, the agency has begun looking at options to make the permitting process more streamlined. One of the options under consideration is to provide access without a permitting requirement to disadvantaged youth for overnight trips if those trips have "nominal effects".  Under certain circumstances, outfitters might be able to provide trips to these groups for overnight services without a permit or NEPA.  

September 08, 2016Google to Keynote at AOA Conference in Daytona Beach - Member Only

Google to Keynote at AOA Conference in Daytona Beach
For 2016, we are proud to announce that Katheline Jean-Pierre from Google’s Mountain View Headquarters will be keynoting the conference on the second day. Katheline helps startups and Fortune 500 companies scale, grow, and thrive with Google’s advertising solutions. Prior to her four (4) years at Google, Katheline worked as the Head of Marketing at Deloitte in Canada and as a Senior Product Manager at Flickr.

August 25, 2016The National Park Service celebrates 100th Birthday - Member Only

The National Park Service Is 100 Years Old, August 25 was the National Park Service's 100th Birthday. / Check Out this Article on Customer Service Statistics in AOA's Member Resource Area

August 01, 2016Write Congress in Support of the GO Act - Member Only

VERY IMPORTANT:  Write Congress in Support of H.R. 5129 / Expansion of Overtime Challenged by Bills in Congress / Registration Is Open for AOA’s Marketing and Management Conference in Daytona Beach

July 20, 2016Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee (R-UT) Legislation Would Authorize Bicycles in Wilderness - Member Only

Hatch and Lee Legislation Would Authorize Bicycles in Wilderness / The Manager’s Academy to Debut at the AOA Conference in Daytona Beach / Google Keynote to Kickoff Special Marketing Track at the AOA Conference

July 11, 2016Industry Loses an Icon - Member Only

George Wendt founder of O.A.R.S. died on July 9th leaving a hole in the industry that may never be filled. Tyler and Clavey sent this note out on the day of his passing.

July 07, 2016Labor Appropriations Bill Bars Funding for DOL Rule Implementing E.O. 13658 - Member Only

Labor Appropriations Bill Bars Funding for DOL Rule Implementing E.O. 13658 / AOA Trip through Desolation Canyon

June 17, 2016Forest Service Proposes Some Permit Streamlining - Member Only

The Forest Service says it is going to streamline permitting processes using existing authorities. / Check Out the New Business Library Online at under Member Resources

June 06, 2016Important Updates from America Outdoors Association - Member Only

Meet AOA’s New Deputy Executive Director / NPS Revises Canyonlands Rafting Prospectus / Paddlesports Orientation DVD Online / Do You Use  Use of Akamai SureRoute Required This Summer / Great Business Reports Now On

May 26, 2016Virginia Boating Safety Regulations Now Require Sounding Devices - Member Only

Virginia Boating Safety Regulations Now Require Sounding Devices (Whistles) on All Paddlecraft / Update on FMCSA Operating Authority Exemption for Youth and Family Camps / Paddlesports Orientation Online / Write Congress to Support H.R. 2215 and H.R. 5129 

May 18, 2016White House Expands Overtime to Salaried Employees Earning Less than $47,476 Annually - Member Only

On May 17, 2016 President Obama previewed the outcome of the rule expanding overtime to previously exempt Executive, Administrative and Professional Employees  (EAP).  The Department of Labor will publish the rule today (May 18, 2016).

May 11, 2016Paddlesports Safety Orientation DVD Now Available from America Outdoors Association - Member Only

Order Your Free Flatwater Paddlesports Orientation DVD Today / Release of the Canyonlands National Park Prospectus Puts Pressure on Outfitters

April 29, 2016H.R. 5129, the GO Act Introduced to Reauthorize Permitting Authority for the Forest Service and BLM - Member Only

With the authority for issuing outfitter and guide permits expiring in 2017 for the Forest Service and BLM, U.S. Representative LaMalfa and several colleagues have co-sponsored the Guide and Outfitter Act, which renews and amends the permitting authority in the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act.  Breaking the permitting authority out of the more contentious fee issues should help pave the way for renewal of the agency permitting authority, which is essential to continued issuance of outfitter permits.

AOA urged Representative Bishop (R-UT) to break out the permitting authority in a separate bill during our Camp Washington visits in February.  We are grateful to Rep. Bishop and Rep. LaMalfa (R-CA) for taking on this important legislation which impacts thousands of small businesses throughout the country.

April 19, 2016AOA Paddlesports Safety Orientation DVD - Member Only

AOA Paddlesports Safety Orientation DVD Should be Ready by May 1st / Senate Poised to Pass Sportsmen Heritage Act / Forest Service Backs off Trail Funding Strategy / Update on Inclusion of Higher Minimum Wage Clause in Outfitter Permits

March 31, 2016AOA Submits Comments on Proposed Sick Pay Rule for Employees of Federal Contractors - Member Only

Easy Cash Flow Spreadsheet / AOA Submits Comments on Proposed Sick Pay Rule for Employees of Federal Contractors / The Final Rule on the Expansion of Overtime to Previously Exempt Employees

March 07, 2016Important Updates from AOA - Member Only

Looking for a Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Advertising? / Secretary of Interior Issues Order to Increase Access for Under-resourced Youth

March 01, 2016Department of Labor Issues Proposed Rule Requiring Federal Permit Holders to Provide Paid Sick Leave - Member Only

Department of Labor Issues Proposed Rule Requiring Federal Permit Holders to Provide Paid Sick Leave / Senator Wyden Proposes Broad Recreation Bill / Sportsmen Act Passes House of Representatives / AOA Producing Paddlesport Orientation Video 

February 08, 2016NPS Centennial Tie-in Opportunities - Member Only

A recent National Park Service memo outlines opportunities for concessioners and CUA holders to tie-in to the National Park Service's Centennial Celebration

February 02, 2016Federal Issues Update - Member Only

NPS has proposed draft legislation to replace the provisions in the Concessions Management Improvement Act of 1998 (CMIA) and establish their own priorities for award of concessions contracts and commercial use authorizations. NPS proposed to Congress to develop their own Visitor Services Management Authority (VSMA) and award contracts according to their internal priorities instead of those established for the agency by Congress in 1998. 

January 27, 201610th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds the Use of Waivers in Colorado - Member Only

10th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds the Use of Waivers in Colorado / Overtime Expansion Rule Delayed until Late 2016 / AOA Welcomes New Members

December 21, 2015The Omnibus Appropriations Legislation Bars Enforcement of E.O. 13658 on Outfitters - Member Only

The language is clear.The Department of Labor cannot spend funds implementing, administering or enforcing E.O. 13658 on recreational services or equipment rental to the general public covered in the Federal Register Notice of October 7, 2014. The language appears on page page 885 and 886 of the Omnibus Appropriations bill.

December 17, 2015Proposed FY 2016 Appropriations Bill Defunds Implementation of E.O. 13658 for Federal Land Outfitters - Member Only

The FY 2016 Appropriation bill unveiled by House and Senate negotiators December 16th includes a provision which will defund implementation and enforcement of the Department of Labor’s rule implementing a higher minimum wage for seasonal permittees offering recreational services and equipment on federal land. 

December 15, 2015Record Attendance at AOA Conference in Salt Lake City - Member Only

Record Attendance at AOA's Conference in Salt Lake / AOA Elects New Board of Directors / AOA Recognizes Four for Exemplary Service Awards / Legendary North Face Founder Dies in Kayaking Accident in Chile 

December 02, 2015Slate of Officers for America Outdoors Association - Member Only
November 20, 2015Basic Boating Knowledge Standards for Courses Raise Issues for Paddlesports Rentals - Member Only

Basic Boating Knowledge Standards for Courses Raise Issues for Paddlesports Rentals. Comments Due in Ten Days / FINAL 2015 Season Outcome Survey Results / Kurt Rausch, NPS Branch Chief for Concessions Management to Speak at AOA Conference in Salt Lake City

November 10, 2015AOA Bulletin - 2015 Season Outcome Survey Results - Member Only

Season Outcome Survey Results / Piles of Rafts and Kayaks / Officers and Directors Up for Election at the General Meeting in Salt Lake City / Land and Water Conservation Fund Reauthorization Controversy Erupts 

October 30, 2015Legislative Update: Bill to Require Commerce to Document Recreation's Economic Contributions - Member Only

Bill to Require Commerce to Document Recreation's Economic Contributions / FLREA Hearing Requires Forest Service to Report on Permit Streamling Efforts / Why Did Some Outfitters See Higher Profits in 2015?

October 27, 2015Results of the Season Outcome Survey / Overflow Rooms Available for AOA Conference - Member Only

Need lodging in Salt Lake City for the AOA conference?  We have a block of rooms available at the Radisson. Call 800-333-3333. The rate is $119.  

October 15, 2015Senator Wyden Floats Comprehensive Recreation Bill to Standardize Outfitter Permitting for All Agencies - Member Only

New Programs Added to the AOA Conference in Salt Lake City / Senator Wyden Floats Comprehensive Recreation Bill to Standardize Outfitter Permitting for All Agencies

October 09, 2015Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors Raised to $10.15 January 1, 2016 - Member Only

Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors Raised to $10.15 January 1, 2016 / 20 Design Rules You Should Never Break / See Which Outfitted Activities Are Enjoying the Strongest Growth / Court Invalidates NPS Regulation Requiring Concessioners to Comply With State Labor Laws

October 05, 2015Season Outcome Survey and Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act - Member Only

Season Outcome Survey / FLREA Extended in CR / Wilderness Watch Files Suit to Curtail Use of Motors in Boundary Waters / Our Thoughts are with Those Flooded out in South Carolina / Make Reservations for the AOA Conference ASAP

September 23, 2015Write Congress Asking for Support for H.R. 2215 to Restore the Exemption from the FLSA for Outfitters - Member Only

Write Congress Asking for Support for H.R. 2215 to Restore the Exemption from the FLSA for Outfitters / Why the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Did Not List the Sage Grouse / Members Urged to Support Withdrawal of Rough and Ready Creek Watershed from New Mining Claims

September 18, 2015AOA Testifies at Senate Hearing on Reauthorization of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act - Member Only

AOA Testifies at Senate Hearing on Reauthorization of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act / Partial Government Shutdown Looming as Fiscal Year Comes to a Close

September 09, 2015Sick Pay for Employees of Federal Permit Holders Employees Will Not Take Effect Immediately - Member Only

Sick Pay for Employees of Federal Permit Holders Employees Will Not Take Effect Immediately / Exhibitor List for AOA 2015 Continues to Grow

August 28, 2015AOA Submits Comments on Proposal to Expand Overtime Eligibility - Member Only

AOA Submits Comments on Proposal to Expand Overtime / Federal Court Blocks EPA Rule to Expand Clean Water Act to Non Navigable Streams / Hydro Legislation / FLREA / Legislation to Expand Seasonal Recreational Establishment Exemption / Possible Partial Government Shutdown

August 19, 2015Recreational Releases May Be Sacrificed by Hydropower Legislation - Member Only

Recreational Releases May Be Sacrificed by Hydropower Legislation. Bill Headed to the Senate Floor.

August 10, 2015Registration for AOA 2015 Conference is Open - Member Only

Registration Open for AOA Conference in Salt Lake City, UT / Many Outfitters Reporting Stellar Summer Season / Senate Passes Boulder-White Cloud Wilderness Bill;  Legislation Heads to President

July 21, 2015Department of Labor to Crackdown on Misuse of Contract Labor - Member Only

Department of Labor to Crackdown on Misuse of Contract Labor / Read Matt Bailey's Article on the Value of Organic Search / Analyzing Your Website – Quick Sprout / 2015 AOA Marketing and Management Conference Agenda is Available Online 

July 15, 2015Department of Labor Rule Expanding Overtime Expected to Go into Effect Early 2016 - Member Only

Department of Labor Rule Expanding Overtime Expected to Be In Place by 2016 / House Version of the Defense Authorization Act Includes a 10-Year Prohibition on Greater Sage Grouse Listing as Endangered / Write Congress in Support of H.R. 2215 Using the Easy Widget at

July 06, 2015Write Congress in Support of H.R. 2215 Using the Easy Widget at - Member Only

Let your voice be heard. AOA has installed an easy letter writing widget to enable you to write one letter and have it sent to both your Senators and your Representative in support of H.R. 2215.  H.R. 2215 restores and clarifies the exemption in the Fair Labor Standards Act for seasonal recreational establishments and includes outfitters in that exemption.

June 30, 2015President and Department of Labor Outline Plans to Expand Overtime Pay to Previously Exempt Employees - Member Only

President and Department of Labor Outline Plans to Expand Overtime Pay to Previously Exempt Employees / Free Internet Marketing Tools and Other Useful Apps / Panel Reviewing Strategies to Fund Non-Game State Fish and Wildlife Conservation Programs  

June 18, 2015House Labor Appropriations Bill Would Defund Implementation of Minimum Wage Executive Order Rule for Outfitters - Member Only

House Labor Appropriations Bill Would Defund Implementation of Minimum Wage Executive Order Rule for Outfitters / Hydropower Legislation Threatens Rafting Below FERC Licensed Dams

June 03, 2015Hydropower Legislation in Congress Eliminates Consideration for Downstream Recreation - Member Only

AOA Announces Key Learning Opportunities for Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City / Hydropower Legislation in Congress Eliminates Consideration for Downstream Recreation / AOA to Testify at Hearing on H.R. 2215 in Interior Subcommittee of House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform 

May 19, 2015South Fork of the American News and other Updates from AOA - Member Only

South Fork of the American Outfitters Looking for Input on How to Cross River During Bridge Construction / The Gila National Forest Begins Forest Planning Process / Shoshone Forest Plan Revision Finalized

May 14, 2015Rep. Bishop Supports FLREA Extension through September 2017 - Member Only

The House Committee on Natural Resources recently marked up H.R. 1991, which extends the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) until September 30, 2017.  FLREA is the authority under which outfitter and guide permits are issued. Meanwhile, the Committee is supposed to rework the bill that was marked up last year, which AOA supported because it contained some very positive language streamlining permit processing.

May 07, 2015Write Congress to Support a Short Haul Exemption from Interstate Motor Carrier Operating Authority - Member Only

It is now easier than ever to write a letter to Congress.  This week we are focusing on the short-haul exemption from FMCSA Interstate Operating Authority. AOA has a new letter writing widget on the AOA website that will enable you to quickly write a letter to your U.S. Representative and both Senators in support of a short haul exemption to some Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.


May 04, 2015Representative Stewart Introduces Bill to Solve Issues with Minimum Wage Executive Order for Outfitters - Member Only

Friday, May 1st Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT) and seven co-sponsors introduced H.R. 2215 to relieve the threats presented by the Department of Labor rule implementing minimum wage and overtime requirements of Executive Order 13658 on backcountry outfitters. 

April 27, 2015Many California Rivers Will Run through 2015 Season - Member Only

Many California Rivers Will Run through 2015 Season / Park Service Study Documents Economic Contributions to Local Communities / Test Your Site for Mobile-Friendliness / The Rapids and the Roar

April 06, 2015Your Guide to Commenting on Forest Plan Revisions - Member Only

The new Forest planning regulations are being used to determine what Forest plan revisions say about outfitting and guiding opportunities in National Forests.

March 17, 2015Flathead National Forest Sets Meetings on New Forest Plan - Member Only

Flathead National Forests Set Meetings on New Forest Plan, Sixty-Day Comment Period Ends May 5th / Paddlesports Skill Standards Enter Human Testing Phase / Call for Nominations for the AOA Board

February 25, 2015Updates from America Outdoors Association - Member Only

Standards for Beginners’ Recreational Craft Operation Enters Testing Phase / Forest Service in Disarray over Implementation of Wage and Hour Contract Clauses on New Permits / Heads Up to Northern CA, Oregon and Washington Outfitters on the Northwest Forest Plan Amendments

February 19, 2015Updates from America Outdoors Association - Member Only

Presidential Proclamation Creates Browns Canyon National Monument / Cryptovirus Malware Alert / AOA Seeking to Eliminate Duplicative DOT Regulations / Fourth Graders to Get Free Admission to Parks and Federal Lands

February 18, 2015Updates from America Outdoors Association - Member Only

Anthem Database Hack Reveals Customer Data in Large Breach of Personal Information, Sportsmen's Heritage Act Introduced, Representative Lummis Introduces Bill to Open More of Yellowstone National Park to Paddling, New York Times Opinion Article Blames Outdoor Recreation for Decline in Wildlife Species

December 22, 2014Updates from America Outdoors Association - Member Only

Paddlesports Standards Update / Attendees Rate AOA 2014 in Daytona Excellent / Forest Planning Kicks into High Gear; Participate to Preserve Your Business Opportunity / NPS Issues Prospectus for 42 Yellowstone National Park Guided Saddle and Pack Stock Tours 

December 11, 2014AOA Conference Wrap Up - Member Only

AOA Conference in Daytona Beach Tops in Attendance / Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act Extend in Spending Bill

December 08, 2014AOA Board Member Arlo Tejada - Member Only

It is with our deepest regret we write about the death of Arlo Tejada, co-owner of Sheri Griffith Expeditions, who passed away in the early morning of December 5th after a long battle with cancer. He was 34 years old.

November 11, 2014Special Session on Wage and Hour Rules for Seasonal Businesses at AOA Conference - Member Only

We are fortunate to have David Gevertz, Esq., an attorney who specializes in wage and hour issues, scheduled to present on Friday morning, December 5th.  He will address what seasonal recreation businesses, who are not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, need to know especially in light of the new Department of Labor rule raising the minimum wage and making compliance with existing wage and hour regulations a condition of any new permit or contract solicited and issued after Januray 1, 2015.  This new rule applies to NPS Commercial Use Authorizations as well.

November 07, 2014Updates from AOA - Member Only

Changes in Key Congressional Committees Expected in New Congress and other updates from America Outdoors Association.

October 22, 2014Updates from AOA - Member Only

On-Water Standards Team Launches Website / Season Outcome Survey / New Additions to AOA Conference Agenda

October 02, 2014Updates for Federal Permit Holders - Member Only

Department of Labor Issues Final Rule on $10.10 Minimum Wage Requirement for New Permits, CUAs and Contracts on Federal Lands / NPS Sharply Reduces Insurance Requirements for Dinosaur Contracts

September 30, 2014More Support Needed for Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act - Member Only

We need more letters to Congress supporting H.R. 5204, the Modernization of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act.  Votes on are running 6 to 1 against the bill.  Thanks to those of you who took time to write.  But we need many more letters of support.

September 26, 2014Legislation Authorizing Outfitter and Guide Permits Under Attack - Member Only

The law which is the authority for issuing outfitter and guide permits, which also directs use of the fees locally, is in the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act.  It expires in 2015 unless re-authorized.  H.R. 5204 received unanimous support when it was passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee in July. The bill is a vast improvement over the existing authority.  While nothing will happen until after the election, the bill may have a chance to move in the lame duck session.

September 24, 2014Take the 2014 Season Outcome Survey - Member Only

Paddlesports Education Instruction Comment Period / Take the 2014 Season Outcome Survey / Forest Service Commercial Filming Permit Requirement for Wilderness Needs Adjustment / 2014 Tradeshow Exhibitors

September 19, 2014Use Popvox to express support for H.R. 5204 - Member Only

The Continuing Resolution (C.R.) to fund the government to December 11, 2014 inlcuded an extension of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act until December 2015.  There were questions as to whether the previous extension had been invalidated by the last C.R., so this extension clarifies that issue.

August 27, 2014Highlights from AOA Conference - Member Only

Revised NPS Insurance Requirements Threaten Dinosaur Outfitters / NASBLA Calls for Comments on Basic Boating Knowledge Course Standards / National Park Service Centennial Logo Retail Licensing Program Launch

August 14, 2014Mid-season Survey Shows Modest Recovery Underway - Member Only

Mid-season Survey Shows Modest Recovery Underway / SBA Cites Concerns of Recreation Industry in Comments on Minimum Wage Increase / NPS Re-issues Dinosaur Contract with Minor Changes to Insurance Requirements

August 06, 2014AOA Submits Request to Extend Comment Period for Rule on Minimum Wage Hike - Member Only

On June 25 AOA sent the following letter in response to the Department of Labor's (DOL) June 17, 2014 Notice of Intent (NOI) to issue rules on implementation of President Obama's Executive Order (EO) 13658 raising the minimum wage to $10.10 for new federal contracts and contract-like instruments, which includes permits according the NOI.

July 30, 2014Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act Gets Unanimous Committee Approval - Member Only

Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act Gets Unanimous Committee Approval. In what is a good sign for the future of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act reauthorization, H.R. 5204 was marked-up today in the House Committee on Natural Resources by unanimous consent, meaning there were no objections to the bill from anyone on the committee.

June 05, 2014Canadian Can-Spam Act goes into effect 7/1/14 - Member Only

Doing Business with Canadians?  Canada’s Tough Anti-spam Law Goes into Effect July 1, 2014 / National Park Service Suspends Recovery Effort for 6 Climbers of Mount Rainier Avalanche / Season Looking Better than Last Year for Most AOA Members / Briefing on Liability Issues in Paddlesports Rental Available / Are You Still Confused about Your Health Care Options under the Affordable Care Act?

April 08, 2014Hearing on Recreation Fee Bill - Member Only

Making Your Email Marketing Matter / Hearing on Recreation Fee Bill Offers Hope for Changes to Draft Bill / Montana Outfitters Signing Cost Recovery Agreement with the Forest Service / Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Proposes Requirement for Electronic On-Board Monitors for Hours of Service / NPS Initiative Recreation Services Insurance Subcommittee

March 24, 2014BLM Renews Agreement with Disabled Sports USA to Provide Trips in the Southwest to Disabled Vets - Member Only

BLM Renews Agreement with Disabled Sports USA to Provide Trips in the Southwest to Disabled Vets/ BLM Renews Agreement with Disabled Sports USA to Provide Trips in the Southwest to Disabled Vets

March 18, 2014Feds Issue Guidelines on Background Checks - Member Only

What employers need to know about use of background checks.

March 14, 2014Cost Recovery, Google SEO Videos, Employee Screening - Member Only

Google SEO Help Videos / Outfitter Organizations Express Concern about Cost Recovery Language in Draft REA Legislation / NPS Visitation Down 3% in 2013 / Tips on Screening Job Applicants and the Use of Background Checks /
New York State to Open New Concessions at Niagara Falls

February 25, 2014Hearing on Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act Scheduled for March 4th - Member Only

Hearing on Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act Scheduled for March 4th / Executive Order on Minimum Wage Increase Will Apply to New NPS Contracts after January 2015 / Obama Administration Easing Employers into Health Insurance Mandate / AOA’s Twitter Account Hack Reveals Vulnerabilities of Twitter

February 18, 2014 On-Water Paddling Standards - Member Only

A team of experts assembled with U.S. Coast Guard  (USCG) grant funding seeks national content validation of HUMAN  (manually propelled) boat operation standards/rubrics that will be freely available to the boating public. This is your  opportunity to impact the development of free recreational paddling and rowing (canoes, kayaks, rowboats, paddleboards,  etc.) standards/rubrics that can be voluntarily used by educators when developing boating courses

February 14, 2014Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors Will Probably Apply to NPS Concessions Contracts - Member Only

AOA's attorneys in DC think the President's Executive Order raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will likely apply to NPS concessions contracts. We will get more details out after confirming the extent of applicability to those operating under federal authorizations. The minimum wage increase requires annual indexing for CPI.  Part of the text of the order can be found in this article.

January 07, 2014New Member Benefit - Member Only

AOA is pleased and excited to announce a new endorsed member benefit — the AOA Shipping Program. Through AOA’s agreement with PartnerShip®, the company that developed and manages the program, AOA members who enroll save substantial dollars on every shipment — inbound, outbound, small, and large.

December 05, 2013Issues Update - Member Only

The Big Regulatory and Government Affairs Issues for 2014.

December 04, 2013Get AOA Conference Schedule on Your Smart Phone - Member Only

2013 AOA Marketing and Management Conference Has Gone Mobile!

November 25, 2013AOA Member Benefits - Member Only

A Challenging Year?   We are often asked how the industry fared last year. The results vary by region and market segment.


November 17, 2013One Year Extension of FLREA - Member Only

Legislation Re-opening Government Includes One Year Extension of FLREA / Special Programs at AOA Marketing and Management Conference, December 10 - 12

October 08, 2013Survey Update - Member Only

Improved On-line Marketing Strategies Is the Number One Internal Factor for Profitable Companies


September 25, 2013AOA Conference Agenda - Annual Season Outcome Survey - Industry Benchmarking Project - Member Only

Check out the Agenda and Seminar Topics for the AOA Conference / Please Take the Annual Season Outcome Survey  / Start a Discussion on the AOA Forum  / Participate in the Industry Benchmarking Project to Discover Industry Revenue and Expense Ratios. 


September 24, 2013AOA to Host Workshop on Reauthorization of the Authority for Outfitter and Guide Permitting in National Forests and on BLM Lands - Member Only

AOA to Host Workshop on Reauthorization of the Authority for Outfitter and Guide Permitting in National Forests and on BLM Lands at the AOA Conference, December 11th / NPS Revises Seafood Guidelines in their Sustainable Food Guidelines / Take the end of season survey


September 20, 2013New Member Benefit - Member Only

Notice to Employees on Health Care Options due October 1st  / New Member Benefit – Promotive Pro Plan / Marijuana May be Legal in Some States but Use on Federal Lands Will Still Get You Busted / Yelp Sues Law Firm over Fake Reviews / Check Out These Hot Topics among the Many Seminars at the AOA Conference


August 27, 2013Google / Ocoee Rock Slide / Group Health Insurance / AOA Conference - Member Only

Google Still Dominates Search but Yahoo Sites Get More Traffic to Websites / New Rock Slide Closes U.S. 64 and Access to Ocoee River / Group Health Insurance at Your Company?  You Must Report Whether Your Plan Prescription Drug Coverage is “Creditable” or “Non creditable” by October 14th. Join the Crowd of Companies Already Signed up for the Benchmarking Study / The 2013 Trade Show is nearing a Sellout! / Check out the AOA Conference Agenda.  Come prepared to Renew, Motivate, Collaborate, Enjoy!


August 19, 2013Important Updates from AOA - Member Only

NPS Announces Cancellation of Dinosaur Solicitation / New IRS Website Explains Tax Provisions for Affordable Care Act / Maryland Study Finds Delaying School Start Would Create $74 Million in Direct Economic Benefit


August 08, 2013Paddling Standards Alert - Member Only

PolyOne to Cease Production of Royalex / USCG Group Trying to Set Paddling Standards for Entry Level Boaters / Sierra Club Signs MOU with BLM to Provide Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Stewardship Opportunities to Veterans


July 25, 2013Some Small Company Health Reform Obligations Take Effect October 1st - Member Only
Small Companies Still Have ObamaCare Obligations in 2013 / Your Email Newsletter to Your Customers May Get Sorted Out by New Gmail Filters
June 27, 2013John Jantsch to Keynote AOA Conference in Albuquerque - Member Only

John Jantsch, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing, to Keynote AOA Conference / Forest Service Withdraws Decision to Issue Outfitter Permits over Threat of Wilderness Watch Lawsuit / Royal Gorge on the Arkansas Opens Up to Rafting


June 18, 2013Important Updates on Healthcare and FLREA - Member Only

Employers Required to Notify Employees of Health Care Exchanges & Health Care Options Beginning October 1, 2013 / Royal Gorge on the Arkansas Shutdown by Damage from Fires / FLREA Hearing Shows House Committee Is Serious about Amending and Reauthorizing FLREA / Use 2012 Financials to Get a Report of Your Company’s Performance Compared to Industry Averages


May 23, 2013River Round Up - Member Only

River Round Up from Around the Country / Is Your Company above the 50 Employee Threshold When Factoring in Part-time Employees? / Does It Pay to Have Someone Submit Reviews of Your Company’s Services?


May 08, 2013AOA Members Testify at Hearing / Benchmarking Study - Member Only

AOA Members Testify at House Hearing on Impediments to Recreation on Public Lands /  Use 2012 Financials to Get a Report of Your Company’s Performance Compared to Industry Averages


April 24, 2013Legislation Proposes Taxing Online Sales - Member Only

Online Sales Tax Bill Clear Hurdle in the Senate / Flight Delays Caused by FAA Furloughs Generate Congressional Inquiries


April 17, 2013Forest Service Issues Clarification about When Background Checks Are Required - Member Only

If you serve Boy Scout Troops or youth as part of your permitted services in National Forests, the new Forest Service background check requirement will also require you to fingerprint your guides and employees who serve youth unaccompanied by their parents.


April 08, 2013Get Risk Management Ready for the Upcoming Season - Member Only

Get Risk Management-Ready for the Season; Resources Available to Members / OSHA Reminds Employers to Post Job Related Injuries / Misuse of Recreation Fees? Please Send Us a Report / Do Your Full and Part-time Employees Add up to 50 FTE’s? Start Projecting and Planning Now / Delaware Watergap Cuts Out Canoe Liveries Access Points Creates Uproar / Recreation Is Not an Emphasis of BLM’s NLCS Areas unless It's Designated as a Recreation Management Area / Budget Reconciliation Raised as a Possible Vehicle for Fee Bills and Gas Tax Increases


March 28, 2013Federal Lands and Health Care Updates - Member Only

Okanagan Outfitters Get Nod for Permits after Completion of EIS / Grand Teton Lowers Insurance Requirements for Float Trip Operators / Legislation Proposes State Management over Chunks of National Forests / Increases in Health Insurance Premiums for Some Are Projected for 2014


March 22, 2013Important Updates from AOA - Member Only

Jewel Nomination Moves Forward in Senate / Health Care Premium Subsidy Counter / Yosemite Plan Axes Many Concessioner Recreation Services


March 19, 2013Updates from America Outdoors Association - Member Only

NPS Authorizes Concessioner Mark for NPS Concessions Contract Holders / Some States Prohibit Surcharges for Use of Credit Cards / FTC Staff Revised Online Advertising Disclosure Guidelines


March 01, 2013Forest Service Planning / Background Check Information - Member Only

Forest Service Issues Proposed Directives on Development of Forest Land Management Plans / Need Help with Background Checks - You Might Want to Check Out This Website


February 21, 2013Sequestration News / Visa/MasterCard Settlement - Member Only

NPS Outlines Impacts of Sequester of Visitors / Class Action Settlement Leads to $6 Billion in Processing Fee Refunds to Merchants Who Accepted Visa and MasterCard since 2004


February 13, 2013Sequestration Likely Unavoidable. Federal Agencies Plan to Curb Access. - Member Only

AOA Headed to Washington, DC in March. Find Out Why


January 14, 2013Heads Up on Business Issues for 2013! - Member Only

What is on the Agenda in 2013 that May Impact Your Business? / IRS and Department of Labor Are Ramping up Audits and Enforcement of the Misclassification of Workers as Independent Contractors / For Outfitters Operating on Public Lands -- A Full Plate of Policy Issues / Seasonal Workers Must be Included in Calculating the Number of Full-time Employees for Health Care Reform / Governor Cuomo Floats Idea for Whitewater Competition among State Legislators and Employees / NPS Announces Call for Award Nominations


December 27, 2012NPS May Be Moderating Liability and Risk Management Requirements - Member Only

NPS May Be Moderating Liability and Risk Management Requirements / Significant Tax Increases Projected in 2013 with All Expiring Fiscal Cliff Tax Provisions


December 17, 2012Updates from AOA - Member Only

FMCSA Calls for Input on Insurance Filings for Motor Carrier Authorizations / Budget Sequestration Could Close Some National Parks and Reduce Access Across Public Lands / GOP Announces Members of the House Resources Committee; Democrats Have Yet to Announce Members / Transportation for Indirect Compensation is Not Subject to the Same Regulatory Requirements as Transportation for Direct Compensation / 600 Outfitters, Vendors and Sponsors Make the AOA Conference One of the Best Ever


November 16, 2012Canyonlands National Monument - Member Only

OIA and Coalition Ask President Obama to Establish Canyonlands National Monument / Sportsmen's Bills in Lame Duck Get Complicated / How Dealing with the Fiscal Cliff Could Impact Your Business / Turnout for AOA Conference Looks Great

November 02, 2012AOA Looking at Legal, Administrative and Political Solutions to FMCSA Regulations - Member Only

AOA Looking at Legal, Administrative and Political Solutions to FMCSA Regulations / Registrations for AOA in Daytona Beach Booming / David Byrd from National Ski Areas Association to Offer Strategies on Compliance with Health Care Reform / AOA Benchmarking Report Complete

October 25, 2012Conference Updates - Member Only

Interesting Comments on the NPS Healthy Foods Initiative for Backcountry Operations / Expert to Explain Opportunities and Obligations under the Affordable Care Act / Regulatory Changes to Commercial Motor Vehicle Regulations to be Discussed

October 22, 2012Nominations Open for Industry Awards - Member Only

Nominations Open for Awards: The Esther Sanborn Environmental Excellence Award Exemplary Service Award

October 18, 2012Motor Carrier Safety Regulations - Member Only

New Motor Carriers Must Update Their Registration. Read about the Other Regulations Headed Your Way from the Highway Bill Passed by Congress this Summer.

October 16, 2012Seasonal Workers and Health Care Law, Outfitter Shutdown, NPS Healthy Foods Comments - Member Only

IRS Releases Seasonal Worker Coverage Guidance under Affordable Care Act / Secretary Salazar Announces Brian Merrill's Appointment to Utah BLM Resource Advisory Committee / Environmental Groups to Sue over NMFS Failure to Designate Critical Habitat for Loggerhead Turtles / State Court Orders Hudson River Rafting Company to Cease Operations / Suggested Points for Commenting on the NPS Healthy Foods Initiative for NPS Backcountry Operations

October 08, 2012Roadless Rule Updates / AOA Launches Online Forum - Member Only

Supreme Court Upholds Clinton Era Roadless Rule Protecting 50 Million Acres of National Forests / Fatality on Hudson River Leads to Criminally Negligent Homicide Charge against Raft Guide / AOA Launching Online Forum to Increase Industry Collaboration and Networking Opportunities / Make Your Hotel Reservations for Daytona Today

October 01, 2012Election of Officers to be held at AOA Annual Conference - Member Only

AOA to Elect Officers and Board Members at Annual Meeting, December 4, 2012

September 24, 2012Recreational Vessel Capacity Legislation, NPS Health Foods and More - Member Only

Legislation Would Require Canoe, Kayaks and Rafts to Have Capacity Ratings Subject to Coast Guard Regulation / NPS Issues Backcountry Healthy and Sustainable Food Choice Guidelines for Backcountry Operations / Featured AOA Conference Program: Convert Clicks to Sales / PPA Finalizes Plan to Unify with AOA / Discover Which Industry Segments and Products Were Hot in 2012

September 13, 2012Industry Survey Results - Hantavirus Update - Member Only

NPS Warn 230,000 Yosemite Visitors of Potential Exposure to the Hantavirus / 18 Questions, 5 Minutes and a Window into Industry Trends for 2012

September 06, 2012New Member Benefit - Member Only

Wilderness Society Recreation Director Organizing Coalition to Improve Non Profits Access to Permits / Investigative Reporter Covers NPS Insurance Requirement Controversy / AOA to Attend Concessions Management Advisory Board Meeting / Update on State DOT Inspection / AOA Announces Pro Discount Partnership with Orvis / Donate a Trip or Item to the Live or Silent Auction

August 22, 2012Industry Benchmarking Survey Form Completed - Member Only

Industry Benchmarking Survey Form Completed / Welcome to New Members / Tradeshow Nearly Sold Out / WOGA, RESMARK to Sponsor Events / Mobile Best Practices for Retail / This Week's Online Course

July 10, 2012Bipartisan Hydropower Bill Sails Through the House of Representatives - Member Only

A bill (H.R. 5892) to streamline the installation of hydropower at non-powered dams recently passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. The legislation is likely to pass Congress if the clock doesn't run out.


June 29, 2012Victory on Van CDL Language in Transportation Bill - Member Only

The requirement for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to develop a plan or study to require a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) endorsement for drivers of 9 to 15 passenger vans was removed from the final version of the Transportation Bill, MAP-21.

June 21, 2012Updates on Highway Bill - Member Only

Despite Recent Pronouncements Deal May Be Struck This Week on Highway Bill

June 20, 2012House-Passed Omnibus Lands Bill Has Little Chance to Pass in the Senate - Member Only

AOA Announces New Member Benefit for Shippers / House-Passed Omnibus Lands Bill Has Little Chance to Pass in the Senate / Colorado High Park Fire Shuts Down Poudre River and Some Area Tourism

June 13, 2012Revenue Management and Legislative Updates - Member Only

How Revenue Management Helped the Travel Industry Survive a Down Economy / Legislative Updates / Tester/Thune Sportsmen Bill Attached to Farm Bill in the Senate

May 25, 2012Bill to Allow Horsepacking and Other Commerical Activities to Continue In Sierra Wilderness Passes Congress - Member Only

With bi-partisan support (HR 4849) passed the House and Senate. This will allow horse packing to continue in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks until either wilderness studies are completed (an estimated three years) or (4) four years.

May 09, 2012Revenue and Expense Ratio Study for AOA Members - Member Only

AOA Announces the Revenue and Expense Ratio Study in Partnership with CPAs at Industry Insights / NPS Buffalo River Contract Includes Unreasonable Requirements for Canoe Livery Concessioners / House and Senate Start Negotiations on the Highway Bill This Week / Google Algorithms Changed in April

May 04, 2012Google Analytics Adds Social Reports / H.R. 1505 Update - Member Only

Google Analytics Adds Social Reports / H.R. 1505 Proposes to Waive over 30 Laws to Facilitate DHS Access and Surveillance in Border Forests and National Parks / Knowledge You Can Acquire in Daytona at the Marketing and Management Conference, December 4 to 6

April 20, 2012New Development on CDL Requirement - Member Only

New Position on Van Provisions In Map-21 / Unusually Large Visa/MasterCard Payment by Your Customer? Be Sure to Alert Your Processor to Avoid Having It Held Up

April 17, 2012Satellite Phone Solutions - Member Only

Satellite Phone Solutions, Reliability Is the Top Concern When Buying Service / 10 Question Marketing Survey / America's Great Outdoors Initiative / Slideshare Offers Great Free Slideshows on Demographics and Generations in the U.S. / Google Places Gets Your Business on the Map / Is Pinterest Worth Your Interest?

April 05, 2012Satellite Phones, Google, NPS Wilderness News - Member Only

Which Is the Best Satellite Phone System? / Court Rules Needs Assessment Necessary Before Issuing CUAs to Outfitters in NPS Wilderness / NPS Release Updated Resource Page for Concessioners / Organic Search Rankings: Playing the Game of Google, This Week's Online Class

March 14, 2012Legislative Updates - H.R. 4019 - Member Only

H.R. 4019 Changes Everything for Outfitters in National Forests / Transportation Bill with Van CDL Study Language Expected to Pass Senate / Hearing in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources -- Public Lands and Forests Subcommittee

March 12, 2012CDL Update, National Forest Fee Legislation - Member Only

Senate Gradually Clearing Way for Passage of Highway Bill / Senator Klobuchar Leads Fight for Recreational Trails Funding in Highway Bill / Alert to National Forest Outfitters. H.R. 4019 Will Require Dramatically Higher Fees on Permitted Activities

March 07, 2012Update on Background Checks - Member Only

Senate Highway Bill with Van Provision Fails Cloture Vote / Senator Udall Considering National Monument and Wilderness for Arkansas River Canyon in Colorado / Use of Background Checks in Hiring Should Be Done with Appropriate Considerations / White House Conference on Conservation Promotes America's Great Outdoors Initiative / NPS Asking Concessioners to Post Promotions on Fee Free Days / Automakers Ramping Up Production of CNG Vehicles

February 27, 2012Supreme Court Decides Against State's Ownership of Non Navigable Riverbeds - Member Only

In a ruling on February 22, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) overturned the Montana Supreme Court and ruled that Montana could not use a broader interpretation of the law to claim ownership of non-navigable riverbeds. SCOTUS said the state must use a segment by segment approach to determine navigability.

February 20, 20129 to 15 Passenger Van CDL Requirement - Member Only

Senate Surface Transportation Bill Would Study Van CDL Requirement. Report to House Committee Required Within 18 Months.

February 09, 2012Recreation Trails Alert - Member Only

Recreational Trails Program Threatened by Budget Axe / HP Provides Some Revelations and Tips about Groupon

February 02, 2012Volume 10 Number 2 Forest Service Planning Rule - Member Only

Confluence: The Video / Preliminary Permit for Hydro Project on the Lehigh River / Forest Service Planning Rule Preferred Alternative Elevates Recreation / Forest Service Revises Permit Language Liability Clause for the Better / FICOR's First Meeting Authorizes Expansion of

December 29, 2011Volume 9 Number 51 AOA Conference Wrap Up - Member Only

Happy New Year from America Outdoors Association!! / AOA Conference Wrap Up / Minimum Wage Increases in Several States on January 1

December 15, 2011Volume 9 Number 49 - Member Only

Senate Committee Marks-up Another Bill with CDL Report Requirement / What Inspired You at the AOA Conference?

November 16, 2011Volume 9 Number 48 - Member Only

Benefits Your Company Will Receive at the AOA Conference in Reno / AOA Submits Whitepaper from Actuary on High NPS Insurance Requirements / Results from the Industry Outcome Survey for 2011 / AOA's Conference Goes Mobile

November 08, 2011Volume 9 Number 47 - Member Only

Who Owns The Reputation of Your Business? / Last Call for the Pre-Registration Discount / Over 300 Entrants Expected for the Bowling Tournament / Sign-up for Free Website Reviews at AOA Conference / NPS Partners with U.S. Public Health Service to Promote Healthy Parks Healthy People Initiative

November 04, 2011Volume 9 Number 46 - Member Only

Checkout the Industry Outcome Survey for 2011 / The Final AOA Conference Agenda / Welcome to the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association

October 27, 2011Volume 9 Number 45 - Member Only

What Drove Growth for Outfitters in 2011? / AOA Conference Featured on MarketWatch / - Third Party Resellers, best practices for businesses considering GroupOn, Team Buy etc.

October 24, 2011Volume 9 Number 44 - Member Only

Forest Service Proposed Rule Limit Appealable Decisions and Shortens the Time to Submit Appeals / Resources Committee Makes Recommendations to the Supercommittee. Hearings on Wilderness Bills Scheduled This Week

October 20, 2011Volume 9 Number 43 - Member Only

Free Social Media and Website Reviews / Boston University Study Finds High Correlation between Bad Reviews on Yelp and Groupon Offers / With Strong Support from Senator Udall, Ski Area Legislation Passes to Enable Resorts to Offer Summer Activities

October 17, 2011Volume 9 Number 42 - Member Only

What Strategies Generated Growth for Outfitters in 2011? / NPS Puts Turners Triangle X Contract out for Bid with No Renewal Preference / Thank You to the 2011 Trade Show Exhibitors

October 13, 2011Volume 9 Number 41 - Member Only

Discover Industry Trends / AOA Member's employee makes appearance on the Letterman Show / Park Visitation Data Show Impacts of Weather and Economy / Forest Service Revises Rules Governing Appeals of Permit Decisions / Risk Management Programs to Deal with Emergency Response and Crisis Communication Strategies / AOA Hires Actuary to Deal with NPS Insurance Requirements H.R. 2834 Promotes Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on Public Lands / Congressional Democrats Finalize Recommendations to Supercommittee

October 07, 2011Volume 9 Number 40 - Member Only

Requirement to Post Employees Rights to Unionize Postponed

October 06, 2011Volume 9 Number 39 - Member Only

How Zappos Created a Culture that Grew Sales to $1 Billion in Ten Years with Minimal Advertising - Get Your Sneak Preview Here

September 29, 2011Volume 9 Number 38 - Member Only

Secretary Salazar Promotes Economic Benefits of Recreation on Swing Through Western States

September 22, 2011Volume 9 Number 37 - Member Only

AOA's Marketing and Management Conference! December 6 through 8, 2011 Reno, Nevada

September 16, 2011Volume 9 Number 36 - Member Only

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Finalizes Rule to Require Businesses to Post Union Organizing Rights / AOA Visits Capitol Hill to Press for Adequate Funding for Forest Service, BLM and NPS / AOA Conference Highlights - MIchael Berry NSAA President to Present

September 08, 2011Volume 9 Number 35 - Member Only

Grow Demand and Improve Your Bottom Line

August 31, 2011Volume 9 Number 33 - Member Only

Hot Issues Update

August 18, 2011Volume 9 Number 32 - Member Only

Fate of Health Care Reform Headed to Supreme Court after Appeals Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings / Health Care Reform Tax Credit Update / Forest Service Hints of More Changes to Permitting Policy / Deputy Chief Joel Holtrop Retires in October / Unconventional Hacking Strategy Combines Internet and Telephone

August 05, 2011Volume 9 Number 31 - Member Only

Outfitting Industry Has a Great Stake in the Outcome of the Debt and Deficit Debate

July 26, 2011Volume 9 Number 30 - Member Only

Registration Opens for AOA's Marketing and Management Conference / Colorado Water Pipeline Study Cancelled

July 14, 2011Volume 9 Number 28 - Member Only

Deal Expected on Debt Ceiling - No Shutdown of Federal Resources Likely / Visits to National Parks Decline YTD. / Southeast May See Record Rafting Numbers. Other Active Travel Outfitters Results Are Mixed / Rep. Tipton Circulating Letter for Audit of Recreation Fees

July 01, 2011Volume 9 Number 27 - Member Only

Guide to Creating a Crisis Management and Communication Plan Available on AOA Website / IRS Increases Deduction for Mileage / New Debit Fees Effective October 1st / NPS Accepting Nominations for Concessioner Accessibility Achievement Awards

June 28, 2011Volume 9 Number 25 - Member Only

Are Your Merchant Services Fees About to Go Down? / Fraud Alert / Secrets of Search Engine Success

June 15, 2011Volume 9 Number 24 - Member Only

Results of the AOA Marketing Study

June 13, 2011Volume 9 Number 23 - Member Only

Rural Council to Recommend Policies to Boost Rural Economies / American Rivers President Nominated to Be Assistant Secretary of Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks / Don’t Forget About These Money Saving Benefits from America Outdoors Association

June 08, 2011Volume 9 Number 22 - Member Only

Today Is IPv6 Day. Whoopee! Will it Affect Your Website and Reservation System?

May 31, 2011Volume 9 Number 21 - Member Only

AOA Appeals to NPS for Reasonable Insurance Requirements / Survey Results Predict Modest Improvement for 2011: Economy Still Top Concern among Outfitters / Funny Video from Zoar Outdoor

May 13, 2011Volume 9 Number 20 - Member Only

AOA Submits Comments to the Forest Service Planning Regulations; Asks for Equal Status for Recreation Component of Planning.

May 10, 2011Volume 9 Number 19 - Member Only

Take Five Minutes to Answer the Market Outlook Survey for 2011 / Snotel Report Promises High Water and Snow-filled Passes with Important Risk Management Considerations

April 27, 2011Volume 9 Number 17, CDL's for 15 Passenger Van Drivers - Member Only

Arlo Needs Our Help / Senate Committee Set to Vote on Bill to Require CDL's for 15 Passenger Vans / Absurd New Passport Application Requirements Proposed

April 19, 2011Volume 9 Number 16 - Member Only

Essential Risk Management Practices DVD Scheduled for Release this Month / Historic Wolf Delisting Rider Passes Congress in the Budget Bill

April 07, 2011Volume 9 Number 14, CDL's for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans - Member Only

Senate Committee to Vote Tuesday on Bill to Require CDL's for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans / Department of Interior to Close National Parks if Government Shuts Down

April 04, 2011Volume 9 Number 13 - Member Only

Congress Must Act Fast to Avoid a Shutdown. The Latest Scoop and What You Can Do if Your Operation Is Impacted.

March 31, 2011Volume 9 Number 12, CDL Legislation - Member Only

Legislation Requiring Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL's) for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans Introduced in the House and Senate. Contact Congress ASAP!

March 28, 2011Volume 9 Number 11 - Member Only

What Will Happen to Your Operation if the Government Shuts Down after April 8th? / Quick Update on National Issues / Progress on Several Issues at Camp Washington / This Week's Online Class: Know Thy Customer - Tourism Market Segmentation

March 22, 2011Volume 9 Number 10 - Member Only

With Passage of Legislation to Delist Wolves Imminent, Interior Brokers Deal with Litigants to Delist Wolves in Montana and Idaho / Get the Lowest Priced Gas with This Easy to Use Map. Also See Site for Ethanol Haters. / Save Money on Payroll Services and Evaluate Potential Savings on Workers Comp. Get a Free Employee Manual with Payroll Services. / This Week's Online Class: Mobile MUST be in your Marketing Strategy

March 02, 2011Volume 9 Number 9 - Member Only

Save Money on Payroll Services and More with AOA New Member Benefit / Forest Planning Rule Proposes More Flexible Forest Plans / Contentious Hearing in House Natural Resources Committee over BLM's Wildlands Authority

February 23, 2011Volume 9 Number 8 - Member Only

AOA's 2011 Marketing and Management Conference in Reno! Visit the discussion board on AOA�s Facebook Page. Start a discussion of your own. / This Week's Online Class: Measuring the Impact of Facebook

February 18, 2011Volume 9 Number 7 - Member Only

1099 Repeal Proposal Includes Exemption for Rental Property / President Obama's America's Great Outdoors Report Released / The AGO Report Cites Permitting Issues as a Concern

February 14, 2011Volume 9 Number 6 - Member Only

Forest Service Releases Planning Rule / Budget Proposal for FY 2011 Whacks Away at Recreation and Fish and Wildlife Programs

January 31, 2011Volume 9 Number 5 - Member Only

IRS Releases Form to Be Used to File for Health Insurance Tax Credit for Small Businesses and Tax-Exempt Orgs / Obama Administration Supports Repeal of Form 1099 Reporting Provision / House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Announces Oversight Plan / New DOJ Rule Opens Trails to Motorized Use at Accommodations on Private and Public Lands

January 26, 2011Volume 9 Number 4 - Member Only

Fed's Beige Book Shows Economy Strengthening but Pricing Not Keeping Up with Inflation / Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association Looking for New Executive Director

January 19, 2011Volume 9 Number 3 - Member Only

President Calls for Streamlining Regulations, Reiterates Regulatory Flexibility Act

January 10, 2011Volume 9 Number 2 - Member Only

Protect Your Brand with a Social Media Policy for Employees

January 03, 2011Volume 9 Number 1 - Member Only

BLM to Inventory Areas for Wild Lands Designation / Chairman of Natural Resources Committee Announces Subcommittee Chairs / America Outdoors Association Launches eLearning Program with Facebook Course

December 22, 2010Volume 8 Number 134 - Member Only

Congress Renews Tax Cuts and Adds a 2% Employee Social Security Payroll Tax Deduction for 2011 / 9th Circuit Rules against Two Water Structures for Sheep in KOFA NWR in Arizona / Census Data Shows Greatest Population Growth in South and West / American Airlines Terminates Agreement with Orbitz

December 15, 2010Volume 8 Number 133 - Member Only

What Participants Said About the America Outdoors Association Marketing and Management Conference / Outlook for the New Congress

November 11, 2010Volume 8 Number 132 - Member Only

National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility Proposes Cuts to Federal Agencies, Higher Fees / First Increase in Travel and Tourism-Related Employment in More Than Two Years

November 08, 2010Volume 8 Number 131 - Member Only

AOA Conference Attendance Looking Strong. More Exhibitors with Money-Saving Services and Products to Diversify Your Operations / Election Changes Line-up of Leadership of Key Committees in the House / Forest Service Proposes New Directive on Enhancing Partnership / I-161 Ballot Initiative Eliminates Outfitters' Out of State Hunting Licenses

November 02, 2010Volume 8 Number 130 - Member Only

AOA and Bank of America Merchant Services Renew Preferred Processor Agreement / The early registration for AOA's Marketing and Management Conference ends soon. Register today.

October 29, 2010Volume 8 Number 129 - Member Only

20% off on QuickBooks Pro 2011 / Architecture Billing Index Points to Economic Recovery / A Map of Increasing Obesity / Sign up for free Website Reviews at the AOA Conference in Salt Lake City

October 26, 2010Volume 8 Number 128 - Member Only

Lodging Issues Added to Op Network at Confluence, Tuesday, December 7th. / Make Your Reservations at the Radisson Today to Ensure Availability / Fund Your Dream Is a New 'Preferred Merchant Services Provider' for America Outdoors Association Members / DOT, EPA Propose the Nation's First Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Trucks, Buses and Shuttle Vehicles

October 19, 2010Volume 8 Number 127 - Member Only

Forest Plan for Recreation Activities Invalidated / Eighth Circuit Upholds Superior Forest Plan. Agency Adequately Considered Plan's Impact on Wilderness. / Helena Independent Record Opposes I-161 Initiative / Senate Committee Lists Approved Summer Activities for Ski Area Legislation

October 14, 2010Volume 8 Number 126 - Member Only

IRS Postpones Requirement to Report Health Insurance Benefits on W-2's / Make Your Reservations for the America Outdoors Conference in Salt Lake Now / Check Out the Vendors Scheduled for the Tradeshow

September 30, 2010Volume 8 Number 125 - Member Only

Coast Guard Authorization Passes without New Taxing Authority. We Won! / Boost Your Bottom Line with Small Business Tax Breaks Just Signed into Law / Latest Round of Health Care Reform Took Affect Earlier in September / BLM Organizing Disabled Veterans Access Forum in Denver for Federal Agencies / AOA Conference Program to Feature Strategies to Improve Mobile Search Rankings

September 24, 2010Volume 8 Number 124 - Member Only

The Radisson, host hotel for the America Outdoors Association meeting in Salt Lake, December 6 - 9, is filling fast. Make your plans now to arrive on Monday, December 6 and depart on Friday, December 10th.

September 22, 2010Volume 8 Number 123 - Member Only

Most AOA Members See Some Improvement in Profits in 2010 / BLM Considering Establishment of 2.5 million Acre Bison Range in Montana / NPS Intermountain Region Director John Wessels to Offer Views on the Future of Outfitter Concessions in Region at Confluence / Check out the National Debt Clock -- This Site Has Lots of Cool Stuff / Smith Travel Research (STR) Finds Modest Improvement in Hotel Occupancy and RevPAR. Luxury Market Improving / AOA Signs Letter with over 80 Other Recreation Groups including the Association of Retired Forest Service Employees

September 16, 2010Volume 8 Number 122 - Member Only

All Flights to Require Secure Flight Passenger Data 72 Hours in Advance Beginning November 1st. Register Now for the AOA Marketing and Management Revolution

September 13, 2010Volume 8 Number 121 - Member Only

Take Advantage of Low Airfares by Booking Your Flights to Salt Lake City for AOA's Marketing and Managment Conference Now! Dates: December 7-9, 2010

August 05, 2010Volume 8 Number 120 - Member Only

What Is the Future for Adventure Tourism and Travel Marketing? / Nielsen Finds Social Media Takes Nearly 25% of On-Line Time / Health Care Reform Updates / IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Service Criticizes New 1099 Filing Requirement

July 28, 2010Volume 8 Number 119 - Member Only

Growing Your Business in the New Economy: AOA Announces the 2010 Marketing and Management Conference Agenda / NPS Names John Wessels as Intermountain Regional Director / Secretaries Salazar and Vilsack Announce Appointments to Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council / 16 Injured, 1 Killed by Lightning Strikes in Grand Teton National Park / Program to Feature Essential Risk Management Practices in Your Operation

July 22, 2010Volume 8 Number 118 - Member Only

Association of Certified Audit Examiners Find Occupational Fraud More Likely in Small Businesses / Forest Service Issues New Updated "Need Assessment" for Pasayten and Lake Chelan Wilderness / Correction to Our Last Bulletin on Forest Service Visitation

July 16, 2010Volume 8 Number 117 - Member Only

Forest Service Study Reveals Much about the Demographics of Recreation Visitors / Update on Legislation to Authorize New Taxes on Your Services on Navigable Waters / The White House Wants to Hear from You about the Conservation and Recreation Agenda for the 21st Century

July 08, 2010Volume 8 Number 116 - Member Only

Forest Service Study Shows that Recreation Creates 223,000 Jobs in Rural Areas / America Outdoors Association Renegotiating Credit Card Processing Rates for Members / Upcoming Listening Sessions for America's Great Outdoors Initiative

July 02, 2010Volume 8 Number 115 - Member Only

2010 National Accessibility Achievement Awards Call for Nominations / Health Care Reform Implementation Begins with New Website and Rules on Pre-existing Conditions for Children and Other Benefits / CBO Report Projects Debt Will Reach 62% of GDP by the End of the Year / Listening Session for President's Great Outdoors Initiative Set for Asheville, NC / Fraudulent Signatures Submitted in Campaign to Eliminate Non Resident Licenses for Montana Outfitters

June 16, 2010Volume 8 Number 114 - Member Only

New Member Benefit: Free Business and Financial Guides from The Business Library / IRS Says that Family Members Who Work in the Business Are Not Counted as Employees or Eligible for Tax Credits

June 07, 2010Volume 8 Number 113 - Member Only

Legislative alert: Charter fishermen, fishing guides, tour boats, and sea kayak companies. Stop efforts to add state and local tax authority to your services on federally navigable waters.

June 03, 2010The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 - Member Only

The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010, H.R. 3619, which passed in the U.S. House, contains a provision, Sec. 301, that authorizes state and local governments to levy new sales taxes on goods and services on navigable waters, unless the vessels are primarily engaged in foreign commerce. SAVE YOUR JOB! Oppose Sec. 301 in H.R. 3619 which adds new state and local taxing authority for recreational services on navigable waters.

June 01, 2010Volume 8 Number 112 - Member Only

Where to Find Customizable Employee Manual Templates Consistent with Your State Law / Review of Van Regulations Which Take Effect June 1, 2010

May 24, 2010Volume 8 Number 111 - Member Only

IRS Ruling on Tax Credits for Small Firms Providing Health Insurance Coverage / Hire Act Payroll Tax Holiday / Update on New 1099 Filing Requirements

May 18, 2010Volume 8 Number 110 - Member Only

AOA Market Outlook Survey Forecasts Modest Recovery for the 2010 Season

May 13, 2010Volume 8 Number 109 - Member Only

New Member Benefit: Save Big Money on Energy Efficient Lighting and Other Products

May 11, 2010Volume 8 Number 108 - Member Only

House and Senate Conference on Coast Guard Authorization Bill to Decide Future of Taxes on Navigable Waters / Regional Forester Says 100,000 Trees Are Falling Per Day in Colorado and Wyoming National Forests / Ski Areas Post Second Highest Attendance on Record / Boston Globe Article Features Pack Trip in the Tetons / Outfitter Calls for Emergency Closure to Hunting District in Bitterroot Valley, Montana

April 30, 2010Volume 8 Number 107 - Member Only

Health Care Reform Bill Dramatically Increases 1099 Filing Requirement / New Rock Slide in Ocoee Gorge Takes Out Portion of Flume Line. Highway and River Open

April 26, 2010Volume 8 Number 106, CDL Legislation - Member Only

Ballot Initiative to Eliminate Hunting Licenses Set-Aside in Montana Coming Down to the Wire / 9 to 15 Passenger Van Regulations / Growing Demand - Marketing and Management in the New Economy / DOL and IRS to Scrutinize Misclassification of Independent Contractors / Environmental Stewardship Awards

April 19, 2010Volume 8 Number 105 - Member Only

Call for Nominations for the 2010 NPS Environmental Achievement Awards.

April 16, 2010Volume 8 Number 104 - Member Only

President Obama signs 21st Century Strategy for Great Outdoors Memorandum at White House Conference.

April 15, 2010Volume 8 Number 103 - Member Only

Federal Reserve Sees Uptick in Tourism and Other Economic Sectors / Rockslide Cleared. Ocoee to Open this Weekend. I-40 Still Closed at NC Line. / Colorado Governor Trying to Settle Float Issue in Colorado

March 30, 2010Volume 8 Number 102 - Member Only

Health Care Reform Update - Penalties Increased for Not Providing Coverage to $2,000 Per Employee for "Larger Employers" / White House Conference on the Great Outdoors Initiative Scheduled for April 16th / We Need Stories about Your Efforts to Provide Trips and Outdoor Activities for Disadvantaged Groups / Utah Governor Authorizes Bill to Seize Federal Lands for the State

March 25, 2010Volume 8 Number 101 - Member Only

Health Care Reform - Is Your Business Exempt from Coverage Requirements and Penalties? How Do Part-time and Seasonal Workers Fit into the Mix? / United Airlines Magazine to Feature Adventure Travel Article

March 22, 2010Volume 8 Number 100 - Member Only

Health Care Reform - How Will It Affect You and Your Business? / Colorado Governor and Lobbyists Send Colorado Right to Float Bill Into Legislative Black Hole

March 19, 2010Volume 8 Number 99 - Member Only

Jobs Bill Provides Social Security Tax Holiday for Hiring Unemployed.

March 17, 2010Volume 8 Number 98 - Member Only

Bill to Protect Commercial Rafting on Colorado Rivers Squeaks through Committee in State Senate / Free Admission during National Park Week Scheduled April 17-25, 2010.

March 15, 2010Volume 8 Number 96 - Member Only

Bill to Require CDL's for 9 to 15 Passenger Van Drivers Unlikely to Pass This Year / Slides and other Natural Disasters Impacting the Industry / Travel Industry Expects Modest Gains in 2010

March 12, 2010Volume 8 Number 97 - Member Only

Leaked Interior Memo to Establish 17 National Monuments in the West by Presidential Decree Creates Uproar / States Closing State Parks and Campgrounds under the Pressure of Budget Cuts / Colorado Senate Committee to Vote or Right to Float Bill on 3.15.10 / Check out the Executive Directors Trends in Outfitting and Active Travel Presentation to the Southern Oregon Visitors Association

March 04, 2010Volume 8 Number 95 - Member Only

Media Alert - Cable Morning Show Looking for Locations to Feature for Family Trips / Important Notice to NPS Concessioners and CUA Holders Using NPS Utilities / New America Outdoors Association Facebook Page

February 26, 2010Volume 8 Number 94 - Member Only

Representative Simpson Queries the Forest Service Chief on Cost Recovery for Permits in Idaho / Travel Promotion Act Headed to President's Desk

February 25, 2010Volume 8 Number 93 - Member Only

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and NRA Oppose Ballot Initiative in Montana to Eliminate Hunting License Set Aside for Montana Outfitters / Shell Oil Shelves Plans to Obtain Yampa Water Rights for Oil Shale Development / Who's Behind the Requirement for CDL's for 15 Passenger Vans?

February 22, 2010Volume 8 Number 92 - Member Only

NPS to Brief Concessioners on New Law Authorizing Possession of Firearms in National Parks / Watch for FAX on Legislation Regarding Requirement for CDL's for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans / Gas Price Expected to Approach $3.00 Per Gallon

February 19, 2010Volume 8 Number 91 - Member Only

New FMCSA Regulations for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans and CMV's Do Not Apply to Outfitters Providing Transportation Unless the Transportation Is for Direct Compensation.

February 12, 2010Volume 8 Number 90 - Member Only

Right to Float Measure Passed Colorado Legislature February 12, 2010 / Ocoee Outfitters Facing New Tax Challenges in State Legislature / Neither Rain nor Snow Kept Members of the AOA Board from Making Progress on the CDL and Other Issues in DC / Forest Service Announces Intent to Rewrite Forest Planning Regulations / Draft Employment (HIRE) Act Introduced by Senators Baucus and Grassley

February 09, 2010Volume 8 Number 89 - Member Only

Contact Your Members of Congress Today! Sample Letters

January 29, 2010Volume 8 Number 88 - Member Only

Association Members to Tackle Issues during February Visits to Capitol Hill NPS Seeking Comments on Cooperative Association Agreements

January 15, 2010Volume 8 Number 87 - Member Only

Senator Tester's Wilderness Bill Includes Language Recognizing the Need for Outfitters in Wilderness / Bill Requiring CDL's for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans Crossing State Lines Approved by Senate Committee / Colorado Wilderness Bill Would Include Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas / Landowner on Taylor River in Colorado Shuts Down River to Float Trips / How to Help Haiti

January 05, 2010Volume 8 Number 86 - Member Only

See the video of the AOA Innovation Workshop from the 2009 conference on YouTube.

December 18, 2009Volume 8 Number 85 - Member Only

Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee Approves Bill to Require CDL's for 9 to 15 Passenger Vans Operating Interstate - Your Urgent Action Required!

November 16, 2009Volume 8 Number 84 - Member Only

Join the Outfitting Industry's Leading Operators and Suppliers at AOA's International Marketing and Management Conference!

November 09, 2009Volume 8 Number 83 - Member Only

H.R. 3692: Affordable Health Care Act Mandates Employer Coverage for Part-Time Workers / Employers with payrolls over $500,000 annually will be required to cover full and part-time employees or pay a new payroll tax of up to 8% of annual payroll under. H.R. 3692 mandates coverage for part-time employees, but which seasonal workers are covered will be defined by the Health Choice Commissioner.

November 02, 2009Volume 8 Number 82 - Member Only

House Coast Guard Authorization Bill Re-establishes Local Government Taxing Authority on Navigable Waters.

October 28, 2009Volume 8 Number 81 - Member Only

SEO Strategies Featured at AOA Convention -- Register Today to Avoid Late Fees / Entire Idaho Delegation Sends Forest Service Chief a Letter Asking for Suspension of Permit Cost Recovery / H.R. 1396 and S. 554 Require CDL and Electronic Monitors on 9 to 15 Passenger Vans Crossing State Lines

October 23, 2009Volume 8 Number 80 - Member Only

Take Advantage of a Recovering Economy. / Join Us at AOA's Marketing and Management Conference / Nominees Announced for AOA Board of Directors

October 06, 2009Volume 8 Number 79 - Member Only

FTC Issues Rules on Disclosure Requirements for Testimonials, Bloggers, and Social Media / Clarification on the Provision Requiring Commercial Outfitter Services in Wilderness / U.S. Travel Association Predicts Longer Road to Recovery

October 02, 2009Volume 8 Number 78 - Member Only

America's Red Rock Wilderness Act Has 141 Cosponsors in House, Hearing Held October 1st / The Future of Outfitting in Wilderness and on Wild and Scenic Rivers

September 30, 2009Volume 8 Number 77 - Member Only

Analysis of Legislation to Require Motorcoach Retrofits and CDLs for Van Drivers

September 21, 2009Volume 8 Number 76 - Member Only

Bills Introduced in Congress Will Require CDLs for 15 Passenger Vans and Retrofit of Motorcoaches

September 17, 2009Volume 8 Number 75 - Member Only

Senator Baucus Unveils Health Care Bill / Secretary Salazar Signs Order Directing Interior Agencies to Address Impacts of Climate Change / Many Outfitters Reporting Better than Expected Results for 2009 / Study Documents Rising Interest in Camping / Latest Results of Business Outcome Survey for Summer Season 2009 Available

September 09, 2009Volume 8 Number 74 - Member Only

Travel Promotion Act Set to Pass Senate / Results of September Survey of Wrap-up for 2009 Summer Season / Employee Mandates in Health Care Reform Bills Vary in House and Senate / Forest Service Permittees with Temporary Permits Should Request Conversion to Priority Use before September 17th

September 01, 2009Volume 8 Number 73 - Member Only

Survey Results Show Optimism for the Future, Weakness This Season / New Member Benefits to Save You Money and Improve Your Business / Credit Card Rules Are Changing

August 27, 2009Volume 8 Number 72 - Member Only

Agenda Announced for America Outdoors Association Marketing and Management Conference In Reno, NV December 8 - 10, 2009 / New Program on Insurance Added to Operations Network / Take Amtrak to Reno from Grand Junction, CO for $93

August 19, 2009Volume 8 Number 71 - Member Only

First Lady and Daughters Raft the Gallatin River with AOA Member Geyser Whitewater Expeditions / Survey Shows Outcome for 2009 Season by Day Trip vs Multi-day Trip. Take 5 Minutes to Respond and Get Instant Access to the Results / Insurance Issues, Web Analytics, Zip Line Operations and Reservation Systems Are Among the Topics Scheduled for the Operations Network at the AOA Conference in Reno / Special Note to Forest Service Outfitters with Temporary Use Permits

August 12, 2009Volume 8 Number 70 - Member Only

Registration Open for the America Outdoors Association Convention in Reno, Dec. 8 - 10, 2009 / Please Take 5 Minutes to Respond to the Quarterly Business Results and Outlook Survey / Cost Recovery Raising Concerns for Some Forest Service Outfitters

August 07, 2009Volume 8 Number 69 - Member Only

LLC Interests Are Not Subject to the Same Constraints as Limited Partnership Interests for Purposes of Passive Loss Rules Study Finds Whitewater Releases on the Cheoah River in North Carolina Are Not Having Impact on Fishery / The Future of Search -- Feature Program at AOA Conference / NPS Reports Higher Visitation to National Parks in 2009 / How is the Industry Doing Overall?

July 23, 2009Volume 8 Number 67 - Member Only

Ninth Circuit Throws Out Wilderness Watch Lawsuit Over NPS Colorado River Management Plan in Grand Canyon / Latest Updates and Details on Health Care Reform Legislation

July 16, 2009Volume 8 Number 66 - Member Only

House Proposed Health Care Bill Hits Small Business with Costly Coverage Mandates

July 10, 2009Volume 8 Number 65 - Member Only

America Outdoors Association Launches New Website / Wyoming Supreme Court Ruling Upholds Liability Waivers / Special Program on the Future of Outfitters in Wilderness and on Wild and Scenic Rivers at AOA's Marketing and Management Conference / Senators Focusing on Needs of Small Business in Health Care Debate / Former First Lady Laura Bush Rafts Rogue River with AOA Member / American Rivers Executive Nominated to Oversee Forest Service

June 30, 2009Volume 8 Number 64 - Member Only

SBA ARC Loan Program Offers Viable Businesses Bridge Loans / Terry Jones, Founder of Travelocity, to Keynote AOA Conference in Reno / Travel Promotion Act Runs into Roadblock in the Senate / Agencies Revising Wilderness Management Policies and Wild and Scenic River Management Policies / Park Service Employees Not the Happiest among Federal Employees

June 16, 2009Volume 8 Number 63 - Member Only

Every Small Business Has a Stake in the Health Care Reform Debate / Maine Passes Tax Reform Measure with New Tax on Recreational Services / Taxing Talk / Get Involved in Travel Management Plans for National Forests and BLM Lands / California Threatening to Close State Parks as State Reels from Budget Crisis / Travel Promotion Act Currently under Debate on Senate Floor

June 12, 2009Volume 8 Number 61 - Member Only

Senate Proposals for Health Care Reform Released / Travel Promotion Act Would Boost Economy and Lower Budget Deficit According to CBO / American Recovery Act (ARC) Small Business Loans Up for Grabs

June 12, 2009Volume 8 Number 62 - Member Only

Protect Your Trademarks on Facebook Today America Outdoors Association received this important alert from one our law firm partners on preserving your trademarks on Facebook. We have already applied for our marks. You will need to have your trademark number to submit your application to Facebook through the link below. It is quick thankfully.

June 09, 2009Volume 8 Number 60 - Member Only

Bill to Promote Inbound International Travel into the U.S. Marked Up in Senate. Heads to Floor for a Vote

June 08, 2009Volume 8 Number 59 - Member Only

Travel Industry Trends Update / National Park Service Promotes No Entrance Fee Weekends and Outfitter Services

June 05, 2009Volume 8 Number 58 - Member Only

Forest Service Sends Letter to Regional Foresters on Fees. Ranger Districts Should Base Fees on Actual Use at Actual Prices and Not on All the Permitted Use at Advertised Prices. / Some State Transportation Departments Implementing Higher Federal Standards for Shuttle Buses

May 18, 2009Volume 8 Number 57 - Member Only

See the Results of the Spring Business Outlook Survey / Track the Copy and Photos People Get from Your Website / Forest Service Outfitters Take a Minute to Answer the Survey Related to Permitting and Fee Issues that May Be Impacting Your Operation / Award Winning Viral Marketing Campaign for a Destination

May 12, 2009Volume 8 Number 55 - Member Only

Complete the Outfitter Survey. We Need to Get the Agencies to Understand the Stress Our Industry Is Under

May 12, 2009Volume 8 Number 56 - Member Only

Tennessee Supreme Court Refuses to Hear County's Raft Tax Appeal / Thanks for Completing the Business Outlook Survey / AOA Pushing for Waiver on Forest Service Use Requirements / Forest Service and BLM Stimulus Projects Can Be Found on Line

May 06, 2009Volume 8 Number 54 - Member Only

Discover Current Industry Business Trends by Taking the One Minute Spring Business Outlook Survey / Read the Spring Newsletter Online / New Passport Rules Go Into Effect on June 1st / Check out AOAs Money Saving Benefits

May 01, 2009Volume 8 Number 52 - Member Only

Do You Need to Adjust Your Refund Policies and Trip Screening in Light of the Swine Flu Infodemic?

May 01, 2009Volume 8 Number 53 - Member Only

Huge New Northern Rockies Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Bill Set for Hearings in House. Bill Not Supported by Wilderness Society. Federal Trade Commission Delays Rule on Requirements for Identify Theft Protections for Companies Extending Credit for Goods and Services

April 27, 2009Volume 8 Number 51 - Member Only

Talking Points to Counter the Swine Flu Panic / Repeal of Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, S. 868 Introduced in the Senate

April 20, 2009 Volume 8 Number 50 - Member Only

Another Panic Attack Impacts Travel. EU Warns Against Travel to US / REA Repeal Introduced as AOA Outfitters Take Concerns to Capitol Hill / President Signs $6 Billion Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act / Interagency Group Working on Capacity Issues and National Recreation Reservation System

April 15, 2009 Volume 8 Number 49 - Member Only

Oral Arguments Slated in Appeal to Ninth Circuit Over Grand Canyon River Management Plan / Loss Carryback Provisions in Stimulus Bill Offer Refunds on Taxes from Previous Tax Years / AOA Member in Film about Survival of Downed WWII Pilot / Document Your Conservation, Rescue, and Maintenance Projects on Public Lands

April 06, 2009 Volume 8 Number 48 - Member Only

National Park Service to Promote Concessioner Events and Activities / America Outdoors Association's Marketing and Management Conference 12/8-10/09

March 31, 2009Volume 8 Number 47 - Member Only

Some Interesting Twists as the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act Passes Congress / Obama Administration Announces Plan to Free Up Credit and Streamline SBA Loans

March 20, 2009 Volume 8 Number 46 - Member Only

Tourism and Recreation Businesses Targeted for Taxation Despite Drop in Demand for Travel / A Money Saving Benefit: Free Legal Consultation on Employment Issues and Discounts on Background Checks / Forest Service Finalizes New Priority Use Permit

March 17, 2009 Volume 8 Number 44 - Member Only

Montana Recreational Liability Statute Passes Senate Judiciary Committee / Obama Administration Announces Plan to Free Up Credit and Streamline SBA Loans / Card Check Bill Will Apply to Many Small Businesses / 2000 Page Omnibus Lands Bill (aka S. 22) Passes the Senate under H.R. 146

March 11, 2009 Volume 8 Number 43 - Member Only

Secretary Salazar Affirms Decision to Delist Gray Wolves in Northern Rockies and Western Great Lakes / Survey Reveals Strategies Used to Counter Impacts of the Recession / Benefiting from the Economic Stimulus Money

March 06, 2009 Volume 8 Number 42 - Member Only

Cruise Lines Boom as Airlines Slash Fares / GAO Says Moving the Forest Service to Interior Could Increase Effectiveness of Management Policies

March 02, 2009 Volume 8 Number 41 - Member Only

New Member Benefit -- 30 Minutes of Free Legal Consultation on Employment Issues / Provisions to Help Small Business in The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 / You May Need to Adjust Your Browser Settings to View the Results of Outfitting Business Survey / Why States May Turn Down Money to Expand Unemployment Insurance Compensation

February 27, 2009 Volume 8 Number 40 - Member Only

Forest Service Moving Some Outfitted Use in Idaho to the National Reservation System / Results Available for Survey on the Outlook for the Outfitting Industry / High Flying Business Travel Takes a Hit as Companies Cancel Conferences / UK's 'Environment Czar' Proposes that the Government Limit Travel to Prevent CO2 Emissions

February 26, 2009 Volume 8 Number 39 - Member Only

Business Outlook Survey / Spending Breakdown in the Economic Stimulus Bill by Federal Agency

February 25, 2009 Volume 8 Number 38 - Member Only

Important Notice to Forest Service Permittees / Great Story on the Psychological Benefits of Getting Outdoors in Nature / Montana House Passes Liability Statute / Economic Stimulus Deal Provides Investments in Science and Technology but Little for Small Business / Battle Brewing Over Yampa River Water Rights

February 23, 2009 Volume 8 Number 34 - Member Only

Proposed Stimulus Bill Does Little for Small Business / Notice to Forest Service Outfitters on Temporary Permits / New Dates for Confluence in Reno December 7 - 10, 2009

December 18, 2008 Volume 8 Number 33 - Member Only

New Rule Proposes to Expand Bicycle Use in National Parks

December 10, 2008 Volume 8 Number 32 - Member Only

AO Has a New Name: America Outdoors Association / West Virginia Supreme Court Rules That Rafting Is Not Subject to Federal Maritime Law / AOA Conference Gets High Marks

November 13, 2008 Volume 8 Number 31 - Member Only

Ocoee Outfitters Win Suit Invalidating Tax on Raft Trips / Featured AO Conference Seminar: Increase Sales with Telephone Reservations Sales Training

November 03, 2008 Volume 8 Number 30 - Member Only

West Virginia Supreme Court Hears Appeal of Application of Federal Maritime Law to Rafting / Tribes Using National Historic Preservation Act to Influence Activities in National Forests and on Private Property / More Park Units May Be Open to Mountain Biking

October 17, 2008 Volume 8 Number 26 - Member Only

Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Includes Money for Counties and Timber Harvesting / U.S. District Court Reinterprets the 1916 National Park Service Organic Act / Limited Availability for Special Workshop at the AO Conference

September 29, 2008 Volume 8 Number 25 - Member Only

Vanity Domain Names to Be Available Next Year / Clarification on Forest Service Permitting Issue / Forest Service Money to Be Restored in Continuing Resolution / Congress Passes the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 / Bailout Bill Expected to Provide Better Credit for Small Business / Win $250 Credit on Dues or Confluence Attendance by Taking a Minute to Answer the 2008 Business Outcome Survey

September 17, 2008 Volume 8 Number 24 - Member Only

Final Forest Service Outfitter and Guide Permitting Directives Available

September 16, 2008 Volume 8 Number 23 - Member Only

Submit Old Photos for Industry History DVD to Be Shown at 20th Anniversary Confluence Celebration on December 4th / Featured Confluence Program How to Use Social Media to Drive Customers to Your Website / Forest Service Releases Alaska Flat Fee Policy

September 12, 2008 Volume 8 Number 22 - Member Only

Important Federal Court Ruling on Potomac River Submerged Lands / Featured Confluence Program: How to Expand Your Market, Grow Your Business, and Have More Fun! Secrets from a Mystery Shopper's Diary

August 29, 2008 Volume 8 Number 21 - Member Only

Are Your Bank Deposits Really FDIC Insured? / Forest Service Not Using Recreation Fees in Transfer of $400 Million to Fire Program / AO Members Save 20% on QuickBooks Retail Management and Point of Sale Software / Check out the Free Business Reports in Member Resources / AO Members Save 10% on Adventures in Travel Expo Exhibitors / Save 20% of Registration for AOs 20th Anniversary Marketing and Management Conference / AO Members Featured in USA Today

August 26, 2008 Volume 8 Number 20 - Member Only

Bank of America, The Schneider Group and the America Outdoors Insurance Program and Morrison Printing Are Major Sponsors of the America Outdoors Conference in December / Did Your Business Benefit from Families Taking Trips Close to Home? / Forest Service Fire Fighting Budget Out of Control?

August 14, 2008 Volume 8 Number 19 - Member Only

Proposed Rule to Expand Use of Motorized Equipment for People with Disabilities in the Backcountry.

July 31, 2008 Volume 8 Number 17 - Member Only

Judge Strikes Down Plan to Delist Wolves in Three Western States / Commonwealth Court Upholds Prohibition of Camp's Use of Lower Yough as a Private Party / Utah Supreme Court Decision Allows Fishermen and Others to Access Streambeds through Private Property /Latest Email Scams Load Key Loggers from Fake Invoices / Legislation to Authorize Hunting in National Park Service Unit Passes House, Scheduled for a Vote in the Senate

July 21, 2008 Volume 8 Number 16 - Member Only

America Outdoors' Marketing and Management Conference / Enjoy Show Special Discounts Offered by These Great Vendors

July 02, 2008 Volume 8 Number 15 - Member Only

Avoid Risks Associated with Improper Applications and Interviewing / Bill to Regulate Wilderness Therapy Programs Passes House Committee / 15 Quick Tips for Successful Media Interviews / America Outdoors Initiates Partnership with Adventures in Travel Expo for Discounts on Exhibit Space for New Exhibitors / Expects 400,000 Hits

June 10, 2008 Volume 8 Number 14 - Member Only

America Outdoors Initiates Partnership with Adventures in Travel Expo for Discounts on Exhibit Space for New Exhibitors / Bill to Regulate Wilderness Therapy Programs Passes House Committee / Expects 400,000 Hits / Bill to Regulate Wilderness Therapy Programs Passes House Committee

May 15, 2008 Volume 8 Number 13 - Member Only

Discounts on Background Checks Now Available as a New AO Member Benefit / Are You Still Waiting for Your Customers to Make Their Reservations? / Avoid Common Hiring Blunders

May 12, 2008 Volume 8 Number 12 - Member Only

Coast Guard Authorization Bill Passes House with Sec. 302 Intact. Appeals Made to Senators Cantwell and Snowe in Senate. / Jim Gilmore to Keynote at AO's 20th Anniversary Marketing and Management Conference December 3 - 5, 2008 / New York Times and USA Today Cite America Outdoors in Coverage of Active Travel / Are You Going Green? / AO Asks NPS to Approve Fuel Surcharges for Concessioners

May 05, 2008 Volume 8 Number 11 - Member Only

Funding Source for NPS Centennial Bill Still Debated but HR 3094 Scheduled for Committee Mark-up This Week / Are You Making the Most From Your Cash Flow? / Canada Implements New River Rafting Regulations / U.S. Coast Guard Complains about Rescues of Coastal Kayakers - More Regulation on the Horizon?

April 25, 2008 Volume 8 Number 10 - Member Only

Forest Service Proposes Flat Fees for the Alaska Region for Outfitters / Are You Taking Advantage of Key Members Benefits? / Using Background Checks and Hiring Practices / West Virginia Adventure Resource Alliance Creates One of the Nation's Largest Whitewater Operations

April 17, 2008 Volume 8 Number 9 - Member Only

New Legislation Seeks to Expand Group Health Insurance to More Small Businesses / New Forest Service Flat Fee Policy Expected This Week / Six Students and Teacher Die Canyoning in New Zealand on School Outing / Nahanni National Park Reserve in Canada Issues New Rules for School Outings; Require the Use of Licensed Outfitters

March 14, 2008 Volume 8 Number 8 - Member Only

Universal Health Care Becomes A Hot Campaign Issue for Small Business / Important Note on Submitting Comments Electronically to the Forest Service Directives / General Accountability Office to Study Merging Forest Service with Interior

March 11, 2008 Volume 8 Number 7 - Member Only

Hearing Scheduled on the Impacts of Unmanaged Off-Road Vehicles on Federal Land / Congressmen Rahall and Dicks Introduce Bill to Create Federal Lands Firefighting Fund / Green Building Projects Catalog Posted on Web / Your Comments on Forest Service Permitting Directives Due by March 19 / H.R. 2016 Proposes to Establish a New National Landscape Conservation System / Update on Legislation to Authorize Taxes on Services on Navigable Waters

February 29, 2008 Volume 8 Number 6 - Member Only

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Expand Critical Lynx Habitat in SiPlease Respond to the Online Strategic Planning Questionnaire Coming Your Way

February 26, 2008 Volume 8 Number 5 - Media Inquiry - Member Only

Information on Trips for Multi-Generations Sought by national publication.

February 13, 2008 Volume 8 Number 4 - Member Only

Comment Period on Proposed Forest Service Permitting Directives Extended to March 20th / Classified Ad Page on Available for Selling Outfitting Businesses / Study Finds Declining Interest in Nature-Based Recreation

January 31, 2008 Volume 8 Number 3 - Member Only

Comment on the Proposed Forest Service Permitting Directives / America Outdoors Working on Border Issues That May Hinder Travel for Members'Customers / Authorization for New Taxing Authority for Navigable Waters Still Hung Up in the House

January 15, 2008 Volume 8 Number 2 - Member Only

Template for Members to Use to Submit Comments to Forest Service Permitting Directives Posted on the AO Website / E-Marketer Presentation Available to AO Members / Tributary of Futaleufu River in Chile Threatened by Gold Mine / Write Letters Opposing Language Authorizing Taxes on River Trips in Coast Guard Authorization Bill / Big Mergers of Outfitters Underway in West Virginia

January 04, 2008 Volume 8 Number 1 - Member Only

AO Soliciting Comments from Members on Our Response to the Proposed Forest Service Permitting Directives / Welcome New America Outdoors Outfitter Members

December 19, 2007 Volume 7 Number 37 - Member Only

Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2007 Proposes to Re-establish Authority for Taxes on Goods and Services on Navigable Waterways for Outfitters / Bill to Repeal Agencies Fee Authority Introduced in Senate / Extension on Forest Service Permitting Policy Directive Expected to Be Announced on Friday / Tennessee Outfitters Fight Seizure of Property in Dispute with County over Tax on Rafting

November 29, 2007 Volume 7 Number 36 - Member Only

Record Turnout Expected for Confluence in Reno

November 19, 2007 Volume 7 Number 35 - Member Only

Due to Demand 2nd Telephone Reservations Seminar Program Planned at AO Conference / Save Money on Your Visa /MasterCard Processing Costs / AO Trade Show 2007 is a Sellout

November 15, 2007 Volume 7 Number 34 - Member Only

Two Sessions Planned on Proposed Forest Service Permitting / Premier Trip Auction at the Mine Shaft Party

November 08, 2007 Volume 7 Number 33 - Member Only

Register Early for Confluence Register Now to Receive the Pre-Registration Discount

October 31, 2007 Volume 7 Number 32 - Member Only

Marketing Seminar at Confluence to Reveal Results of Study on Strategies to Boost Rural Outfitting

October 19, 2007 Volume 7 Number 31 - Member Only

New Proposed Forest Service Permitting Policy Published in the Federal Register

October 18, 2007 Volume 7 Number 30 - Member Only

Database Marketing Reports Are Still Available for 2007 / New Proposed Forest Service Permitting Policy to Be Published in the Federal Register

October 16, 2007 Volume 7 Number 29 - Member Only

Senior Editors from Major Print Media to Review Your PR at Confluence / New BuRec Fee Rule Requires Cost Recovery with Applications and Fees - Comment Due Today / Secretary of Transportation Says Fuel Efficiency Is Bankrupting the Highway Trust Fund

October 09, 2007 Volume 7 Number 28 - Member Only

Registration for America Outdoors Marketing and Management Conference up 20%. Over 650 Outfitter and Vendor Reps Expected to Attend.

September 28, 2007 Volume 7 Number 27 - Member Only

State DOTs to Begin Charging Registration Fees for Interstate Commerce for Previously Exempted Vehicles / H.R. 3058 Marked Up in the House

September 21, 2007 Volume 7 Number 26 - Member Only

H.R. 3058, Bill Authorizing Payments to Counties, Expected to Be Voted out of Committee Next Week. Park Centennial Fund May Be Funded through Tax Hikes

September 12, 2007 Volume 7 Number 25 - Member Only

PCI Non Compliance Fee News for AO Members / Register Online for AO's Marketing and Management Conference

September 06, 2007 Volume 7 Number 24 - Member Only

NPS Cannot Double Charge Cost Recovery Fees on Top of Fair Market Value / Updated Website

August 29, 2007 Volume 7 Number 23 - Member Only

Kempthorne and Bomar Announce NPS Centennial Projects. Alternative Propulsion Technologyin Grand Canyon Selected as a Project

August 22, 2007 Volume 7 Number 22 - Member Only

America Outdoors and American Airlines Announce Travel Savings for Confluence in Reno

August 20, 2007 Volume 7 Number 21 - Member Only

15 Quick Tips for Successful Media Interviews / Transport Canada Announces Plans to Regulate Commercial Whitewater Rafting / Good Morning America Expected to Broadcast Story on Rafting Fatalities

August 07, 2007 Volume 7 Number 20 - Member Only

AO Counts 8 Fatalities on Commercially Guided Raft Trips in 2007 / NPS Director Bomar Supports Enhanced Recreational Experiences in Parks; Opposes Centennial Fee Strategy / Bush Administration Opposes Legislation to Raise $4.2 Billion for Payment to Coun

July 30, 2007 Volume 7 Number 19 - Member Only

Update on Parks and Forests Fee Bill / Good News on PCI Compliance for Outfitters Taking Credit Card Reservation via the Internet

July 25, 2007 Volume 7 Number 18 - Member Only

Two Bills Introduced to Raise Fees from Commercial Activities in National Forests and in National Parks / H.R. 3058 and H.R.3094

July 18, 2007 Volume 7 Number 17 - Member Only

New Visa MasterCard Processing Requirements You Must Comply by August 1st / California Supreme Court Invalidates Waivers for Gross Negligence /Energy and Conservation Tax Incentives Available for Small Businesses / AO to Push for Funding for Trail Cleari

July 03, 2007 Volume 7 Number 16 - Member Only

IRS Warns of New E-Mail Scam / Bald Eagle Delisted but New Restrictions May Be Imposed / Free Guide to Buying Insurance

June 22, 2007 Volume 7 Number 15 - Member Only

40 New Business Reports on the AO Website under Member Resources / Minimum Wage to Increase to $5.85 per Hour on July 24

June 08, 2007 Volume 7 Number 14 - Member Only

Administration Proposes to Spend $3 Billion on National Parks Over the Next Ten Years / Population Trends to Reshape America / Jim Caswell Nominated to Head BLM / Laverty's Nomination as Assistant Secretary Put on Hold by Senator Wyden

May 24, 2007 Volume 7 Number 13 - Member Only

Maine Companies Battling for Road Access / Worst Wildfires in Decades Hit Gunflint Trail and Boundary Waters Outfitters / North Carolina Whitewater Liability Statute Introduced / America Outdoors Members Save on QuickBooks Products

May 07, 2007 Volume 7 Number 12 - Member Only

Land Owners Attempt to Shutdown Potomac River to Recreational Use / Forest Service Proposes Amendments to Agency Directives to Facilitate Implementation of the Final Travel Management Rule / When Do You Know You Don't Have to Fulfill an Agency Request fo

April 25, 2007 Volume 7 Number 11 - Member Only

Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 Helps with Affordable Health Insurance / Utah Backs Off Stringent Coast Guard Regulatory Requirements / Chinese Firms Rips Off Jack's Plastic Welding Website - Redirects Contacts to Their Business / Fees for Luthera

April 19, 2007 Volume 7 Number 10 - Member Only

Scam Alert - Scam Uses Credit Card to Book Trips / New AO Study on River Use Shows Continued Recovery after 9/11 / 60% of Booths Sold for America Outdoors Marketing and Management Conference Tradeshow / Reservations Training Seminar Receives Highest Rati

April 03, 2007 Volume 7 Number 9 - Member Only

Delaware Outfitters Concerned about Floodplain Rezoning / Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Delisting Imminent / Lyle Laverty Nominated for Assistant Secretary for Fish Wildlife and Parks / Texas Supreme Court Decides in Favor of Outfitter in Venue Ruling / Weath

March 19, 2007 Volume 7 Number 8 - Member Only

Are You Listed with Your Resource Area on / NPS Listening Sessions Scheduled

March 13, 2007 Volume 7 Number 7 - Member Only

AO Submits Comments to the Forest Service Proposed Flat Fee Policy / AO Representatives Meet with the NPS Concessions Advisory Board / Electricity Deregulation Takes Hold in 2007 / Outfitters on the Upper Ocoee Take Out Loan to Pay for Water Releases / C

February 27, 2007 Volume 7 Number 6 - Member Only

Forest Service Forum on Outdoor Recreation in Colorado This Week / President Bush's Health Care Tax Hurts Family-Run Small Business

February 21, 2007 Volume 7 Number 5 - Member Only

Representative DeFazio (D-OR) Proposes to Kill Forest Service Recreation Fee Initiative / Is Your Reservation Staff Helping You Make the Sale? / Coast Guard Goaded by NPS to Require Regulation of Motorized Raft Trips

February 16, 2007 Volume 7 Number 4 - Member Only

Visit the New America Site for New Member Resources / International Travel Rebounds / Recreation Forums to Set Strategies for Public Lands / Illegal Outfitting Bill Under Consideration in Montana

February 06, 2007 Volume 7 Number 3 - Member Only

President Bush Re-issues and Amends an Important Executive Order on Regulations Impacting Small Business

February 01, 2007 Volume 7 Number 2 - Member Only

Members Get Your Free Quote on Health Insurance / America Outdoors Provides Regional Training Sessions

January 29, 2007 Volume 7 Number 1 - Member Only

Schizophrenic Weather Pattern Creates New Opportunities and Challenges / Forest Service Appoints Abigail Kimbell as New Forest Service Chief / NPS Proposed Insurance Requirements for Small Contracts

December 12, 2006 Volume 6 Number 26 - Member Only

America Outdoors Announces Property and Casualty Insurance Program / NPS and Forest Service Reveal New Policies at America Outdoors Conference / Congressman Rahall Takes Control of House Committee on Resources

November 17, 2006 Volume 6 Number 25 - Member Only

Local and state governments trying to eliminate exemption from taxes on navigable waterways

November 10, 2006 Volume 6 Number 24 - Member Only

New Confluence Program: Surviving the Dreaded Deposition

October 17, 2006 Volume 6 Number 23 - Member Only

Direct Marketing Expert to Speak at Confluence / BLM to Audit More Outfitters and Consider Other Changes to Recreation Management / NPS Begins Putting CUA's Out for Bid When a Limited Number Are Issued / Utah Proposes Expanding Outfitter and Boatman Lice

September 29, 2006 Volume 6 Number 22 - Member Only

District Court Restricts Navigation for Rights for Hunting and Fishing Activities Adjacent to Private Land During High Water

September 21, 2006 Volume 6 Number 21 - Member Only

Forest Service Alaska Region Releases Proposed Final Fee Policy / Forest Service Solicits Proposals for Kern River Whitewater Rafting / Record Turnout Expected for America Outdoors' Convention in Salt Lake City / The National Forest Foundation Invites You to Become a "Friend of the Forest" / Salt River Tubing Receives Take Pride in America Award

September 06, 2006 Volume 6 Number 20 - Member Only

Leading Travel Writers to Participate in Media Panel at Confluence / AO Responds to Inaccuracies in CNN Paula Zahn Now Report

August 23, 2006 Volume 6 Number 19 - Member Only

Members Signing Up for America Outdoors Market Research Project / NPS Accepts 20% Franchise Fee Bid for Glacier Horseback Riding Concessions / America Outdoors Launches New Partnership Program / California Man gets 30 days and $15,000 Fine in Grand Canyon Permit Case / National Geographic Travel Writers to Participate in Confluence Media Panel

August 14, 2006 Volume 6 Number 18 - Member Only

Wilderness Watch Protests Use of Dynamite on Middle Fork Log Jam / Park Service Proposes Minimum Fees of 12% to 18% for Some Portion of Grand Canyon Rafting Revenues / New Forest Service Permitting Policy Due this Fall / Two Idaho Wilderness Bills May Pass in 109th Congress

July 31, 2006 Volume 6 Number 17 - Member Only

Bill to Extend NPS CUA's to 5-Year Term Gets Approval in the House Resources Committee / Log Jam on Middle Fork Blocks River and Strands Hundreds of Rafters / Unique Accredited High School Joins America Outdoors

July 25, 2006 15 Passenger Vans Towing Trailers - Member Only

Outfitters with 15 passenger vans towing trailers may find themselves subject to a higher level of regulation if the gross combination weight rating of the vehicles exceed 10,000 pounds and they are traveling across state lines, or operating in a state that defines a commercial motor vehicle as 10,001 pounds or more (i.e. Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and others).

July 20, 2006 Volume 6 Number 16 - Member Only

America Outdoors Announces Health Insurance Program / NPS Environmental Audit Questionnaire on the AO Website

June 30, 2006 Volume 6 Number 15 - Member Only

Flooding Disrupts River Outfitters in Mid-Atlantic States / 15 Passenger Vans Towing Trailers May Be Subject to Higher Level of Regulation

June 16, 2006 Volume 6 Number 14 - Member Only

Be on the Alert for a Clever Money Order Scam / President Bush Creates World's Largest Ocean Preserve / BLM Responds to Petition to Stay Transfer of Permit in Oregon

June 06, 2006 Volume 6 Number 13 - Member Only

Secretary of Interior Participates in Conference Call with Recreation Leaders / Most AO Members Looking Forward to Strong Season / Six Known Commercial Rafting Fatalities Thus Far This Season

May 16, 2006 Volume 6 Number 12 - Member Only

Association Health Insurance Bill Narrowly Defeated in U.S. Senate / AO Database Marketing Project Ready for Data Upload / Forest Service Notifying Permittees about Cost Recovery for Permit Administration / Biobased Products Available

April 26, 2006 Volume 6 Number 11 - Member Only

Tapping into the Small Business Administration Resources for Advocacy and Regulatory Relief / Unit Management Plan for the Hudson Gorge May Challenge Water Releases and Use Levels / Dam Removal Proposed for Upper Klamath River Basin

April 07, 2006 Volume 6 Number 9 - Member Only

Bright Industry Outlook for 2006 / Permitting and Cost Recovery Update / Institutional Groups and Some Non Profits Push for Exclusive Permit Allocation / Wilderness Watch and Other Groups Sue Over Grand Canyon Management Plan; Charge That Commercial Services Are Not Necessary / Park Service Funded Study Finds New River Gorge Generates $80 million / Most States Will Use Existing BLM RAC's to Advise on Fees

March 15, 2006 Volume 6 Number 8 - Member Only

Sign up Now for Database Marketing Project / Confluence: International Marketing and Management Conference Set for Salt Lake AOA Initiates Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign for

March 01, 2006 Volume 6 Number 7 - Member Only

Forest Service Cost Recovery Rule Exempts Most Permit Renewals but Permit Changes May Be Subject to Recovery / Idaho Legislature Set to Push for Repeal of the Federal Land Recreation Enhancement Act / Deal Reached to Fund Whitewater Releases on Upper Ocoee

February 14, 2006 Volume 6 Number 6 - Member Only

NPS to Issue CUA's Competively / Oil and Gas Development Hot Issue among Outfitters in Utah and Colorado / Commercial Rafting in Colorado Up 14.1% in 2005 / Plan Ahead Before Firing an Employee

February 07, 2006 Volume 6 Number 5 - Member Only

Online Legal Services for Answers to Issues Encountered By Every Small Business / AO to Consider Participation in Lawsuit against FERC Rules / Guest Ranch Owner Wins Day in Court against BLM Employees for Extortion and Retaliation / Submit Comments in Support of the New NPS Management Policies

December 22, 2005 AO E-Bulletin Vol 6 Num 3 - Member Only

Confluence 2005 Attracts Record Participation / AO Membership Elects New Officers and Directors / AO to Offer Industry Database Marketing Analysis to Participating Members / U.S. House Passes the Gateway Communities Cooperation Act to Require Federal Agencies to Cooperate with Local Communities in the Development of Management Plans / BLM Rule Mistakenly Sets Fines for Illegal Outfitting at $100

November 11, 2005 AO E-Bulletin Vol 6 Num 1 - Member Only

Lynx Critical Habitat Proposed in Maine, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota and Washington; Hearings Set / Park Service Releases Final Grand Canyon River Management Plan / 600 Industry Leaders to Convene at Confluence

October 24, 2005 AO E-Bulletin Vol 5 Num 12 - Member Only

AO Has Copy of Court Order Prohibiting Yough Amusement Tax / Court Clarifying Order Reinstates Outfitter Permits In National Forests / Lynx Critical Habitat Proposed in Maine, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota and Washington; Hearings Set / Park Service Releases Final Grand Canyon River Management Plan

October 14, 2005 AO E-Bulletin Vol 5 Num 10 - Member Only

Outfitter and Guide Permits Suspended by Court Ruling / Issue Will Be Discussed with Forest Service at Confluence / Youghiogheny Outfitters Prevail in Case Challenging Amusement Tax / Bob Ratcliffe Named Recreation Group Manager for the Bureau of Land Management

October 03, 2005 AO E-Bulletin Vol 5 Num 9 - Member Only

Court Ruling to Impede Issuance of Forest Service Special Use Permits / Speeding and No Seat Belt Use Cited in 15 Passenger Van Accident / Forest Service Announces Roadless Area Conservation Advisory Committee

September 15, 2005 AO E-Bulletin Vol 5 Num 7 - Member Only

Forest Service Revises Permit Language / Safety Efforts on 15 Passenger Vans Reducing Fatalities / AO Appeals to Park Service to Add Venue and Source of Law to VAR Form

January 19, 2005 AO E-Bulletin Vol 4 Num 1 - Member Only

Swift water rescue certification requirement proposed for all guides in Oregon / Tennessee and Montana Outfitters Push for Liability Statutes / Is Your Forest Service Permit Up for Renewal? / Maine Outfitters Struggle with Road Access Fees

VERY IMPORTANT: Write Congress in Support of H.R. 5129 - Member Only

Support THE GO ACT to reauthorize and improve permitting for outfitters and guide in National Forests and on BLM lands.


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