This section of the website will serve as the launching page to get you to all your resources related to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The impact of the spread of Coronavirus is a rapidly developing situation. In response, America Outdoors is taking several steps to support our members and the outdoor recreation industry. Through guidance documents, sharing of approaches, dissemination of best industry practices, and connections with experts, AO is getting information where it is needed. Thank you for joining the conversation.


Legislative updates

How the Covid-19 Relief Package Impacts Business Decisions for Outdoor Recreation Outfitters, posted March 27, 2020

Briefing on HR 6201, Familes First Coronavirus Response Act, posted March 20, 2020

AO letter to Senate leadership re: Coronavirus relief, sent March 18, 2020

AO letter to House leadership re: Coronavirus relief, sent March 18, 2020


Resources for Outfitters

Insurance Considerations and Impacts During COVID-19, updated March 19, 2020

America Outdoors Guidance for Outfitters During Coronavirus Pandemic, updated March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Impacts on Outdoor Travel, updated March 16, 2020


Outfitter Polling Results

Document: Benchmarking Report for Outfitter Response During COVID-19, posted March 27, 2020

Document: Pulse of the Outfitter Industry During COVID-19 Outbreak, posted March 20, 2020


Public LAnds Guidance

National Park Service Public Health Update (including park closures)

US Forest Service COVID-19 Updates



America Outdoors Facebook Community Page


Action Items:

Share your voice to ask for relief for outfitters. 


COVID-19 Webinars

Coronavirus Response and the Outfitter Industry